Ever had a Spicy Lime Facial?

Well neither had I until today. Remember Marlene, the amazing esthetician who offers amazing economy busting facials at about $40 (see April 20, 2009 blog post)? Today, I went to see her for my regular monthly facial and she has come up with a wonderfully inspired all organic summer time facial called the Spicy AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment that knocked my socks off!


Being the beauty junkie that I am, I have certainly had my share of facials, but to my delight and surprise, Marlene came up with something really cool and different that even impressed this savvy connoisseur. Let me tell you about it: First, she applies a citrus scented oil to get the skin in the mood; then she applies a fruit pulp peel that gently exfoliates the skin which is shortly followed by my favorite ‘wow’ part of the facial–a stimulating spicy lime masque that totally wakes up the skin, feels very tingly (that’s the cayenne pepper in the masque), and detoxifies and oxygenates skin; while the spicy lime is working its magic, Marlene gives you a relaxing hand and foot massage; next comes the yummy smelling part of this facial, a peach masque that she uses to calm the skin and remove the lime masque. She finishes this refreshing treatment with a calendula serum and a scrumptious apricot moisturizer. Divine!


After the treatment, my skin is slightly flushed and pink because of the stimulating lime, but in a totally healthy looking kinda way, like I just got back from vacation or just had mind blowing sex. And my skin feels really supple, hydrated and happy. Give Marlene a call so you can put on a happy face too, and of course tell her that Romy sent you.

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