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Sugar Mud, Honey Child

sugar_mud_0Girlfriend, I’ve just gotta tell you about this awesome new face scrub that I just discovered called Sugar Mud by Herban Body Care. First of all, I love the name, it totally grabs my attention and it just gets better from there.


This is THE perfect summer time scrub because it’s minty, citrusy, cooling and refreshing all at the same time (thanks to the perfect eucalyptus-orange combo). The texture is just divine because it has a wonderful mix of organic brown sugar and sea clay blended together beautifully in a coconut butter base (BTW don’t be put off by the dark color, its all good!) And it feels amazing going on, it has the perfect combination of moisturizing and scrubbing action at the same time and I love the way the sugar melts into my skin when its exfoliating job is done. This lovely scrub wakes up my skin, hydrates it and makes it feel plump and beautifully smooth.Â


However, what I think I love most about this great new product is that it feels like an artisanal, handcrafted, homemade product that is made with TLC–and you can thank creator Dana Miller for that! Dana is the brilliant mixologist of  Herban Body Care and her heartfelt product line is based on the stories that her mother told her about her Grandmother’s handmade soaps that were the talk of the town way back when. Dana’s beautiful concoctions utilize this family recipe and are based on body-nurturing bio-plant components, herbs, herbal extracts, natural bases and aromatherapy, which all possess healing properties and a rejuvenating feeling for all skin types. All of the Herban products are handmade, completely natural, paraben-free and offered in eco-friendly packaging.


Honey (child), do yourself a favor and try one of Dana’s artisanal delights, so you too can feel the love! And girl, please, please post and tell the rest of us how sweet is it (to be loved by you :-))


This just in: If you place an order with Herban Body Care between now and September 30, 2009 and mention Romy Raves as the coupon code you will get a FREE lip butter with your purchase. Recessionistas always love treats and gifts with purchase, enjoy!

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