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Archives for August 2009

A Trio of Tropical Delights

I don’t know about you, but as the easy, breezy days of summer come to a close, I find myself feeling sort of melancholy. I really love the freedom and playfulness of summer, and as Fall rapidly approaches, its back to business, school, routine and structure. However, a trio of tropically inspired products might be […]

Happy Birthday to Me, A Present for You!

In honor of my birthday this year, I’ve decided that it would be awfully nice of me to do something special for my loyal readers like you. So I have put together some special treats for you to enjoy, may I have a drum roll pluh-eeze. . . . . . It’s Romy’s Birthday Freebies! […]

Don’t Give Me Any Lip. . . .

One of my ongoing beauty misssions is a relentless quest for moist, supple lips. Why you ask? Three reasons: 1) I HATE the feeling of dry lips—tight, flaky and yucky 2) Dry lips make you look and feel old and dried up 3) And last but not least, plump, hydrated, wet, pouty lips are sexy […]

Friendships that Help You Grow

Once in a while, amongst all my trend forecasting and my beauty blabbing, I like to throw in a post with some real substance, a post that can really make you think and shift your perspective and today is one of those days. Recently, I had a transformational experience with a group of girlfriends that […]

A Smooth Operator

Being the beauty trend maven that I am, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for inspired and innovative products that solve annoying and common beauty challenges. Take frizzy hair for example, not an earth shattering problem, but typically a nusance when I don’t get every ounce of moisture out of my hair or have the […]