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touchbackOver the summer at Cosmoprof North America, I discovered a great new product called TouchBack by ColorMark . I was instantly impressed with the innovative simplicity of this unique product. It is a gray covering marker that surpasses its competitors because of its effective and ingenious delivery system. Basically, it dispenses real hair color via a well-designed, flat, broad tip marker. I think the primary strength of this product is its simple, yet quick and effective delivery system that is super easy to use and does a great job of covering those nasty grays with minimal effort. It dries instantly and won’t rub off, even after brushing. And I also love that it can even can save you money by stretching the time between salon visits, brilliant!


Given the simplicity and economic relevance of this innovative product, it was not surprising that TouchBack by ColorMark was the inagural recipient of the first the first-ever DISCOVER BEAUTY AWARD at Cosmoprof North America. Discover Beauty helps newly emerging brands find their proper market by facilitating private meetings with prestigious retailers. These meetings give these brands the unique opportunity to present their products to the key decision makers for immediate consideration and feedback. Twenty emerging brands participated in the 2009 Discover Beauty program and they were judged on packaging, overall brand concept and likelihood to succeed in the beauty marketplace. The votingCPNA09 Discover Beauty Award Logo was done by specialty retailers such as HSN as well as various beauty bloggers like and yours truly.TouchBack earned this prestigious honor and it is helping pave the way for this product’s success and widespread reach.



This award winning product has made a lasting impression on me and it is definitely worth checking out. You can get yours online HERE. And let me know if you have any other great hair products that have helped you out in a pinch or if you have any other tips for stretching your salon visits. 

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