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Cyber Monday Deals for Romy Raves Readers

If you are anything like me, I steer clear of the Black Friday shopping frenzy because NOTHING is worth waking up at 4am and fighting the crowds for–plus personally I think the whole concept is a psychological marketing trick of more hype than substance. However, I must admit that I was curious this year, so […]

What Are You Thankful For?

In honor of this important holiday of harvest, diversity and gratitude, I thought I would write a post to make you pause and reflect. Instead of food, lifestyle and beauty, I am going deep. . . I am asking you to take a moment and reflect about your life and appreciate all that you have. […]

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes-Part 3

You will be SO glad you came back for my final recipe because it so insanely good! You can serve it as a side dish or even dessert because it”s THAT decadent. But, however you eat it and whenever you eat it, you are going to love it! And it is even good for you […]

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes–Part 2

Thank you for coming back for the second installment of Romy’s Fav Turkey Day Recipes. All of you foodies (and food lovers) will appreciate the yumminess of this next hearty cold weather appetizer–even the kids LOVE this one! It is savory, tasty, and a wonderful starter to your feast. I love to serve it with […]

And the Winners of the Chic-Flic toGo Pens are. . .

Monique C., Heather L., Rondah, Tanya, Eva and Nicole L.!   Congratulations Ladies! The six of you are the lucky winners of the Chic-Flic toGo Teeth Whitening Pens & Lip Shine Plumpers Giveaway (a $40 value!)   If you missed my original post, you can read all about this fabulous RAVE worthy product here: […]