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The Gold Standard in Sunscreen Has Gotten Even Better!

I cannot live without sunscreen, it is definitely one of my top must-have beauty products. It’s like a shield of armour that I wear everyday without fail, rain or shine. And being true to my beauty maven roots, I am always on the hunt for the best sunscreen products available, and IMO nothing comes close to the Anthelios line […]

A Fun New Girly Drink For Your Champagne Tastes

I am the first to admit that I am a totally a champagne girl, it has always been my drink of choice whenever I go out. I have always felt that my preferred drink says alot about who I am: bubbly, effervescent, noticeable, and celebratory. These attributes of champagne really resonate with me and are probably why I enjoy […]

Blending Bash with the Scentual Mixtress

Many of you know that I am both a beauty maven and a foodie, so its no wonder I was super excited to attend a Blending Bash at KleanSpa in MindfulNest in Burbank (a super cute store that showcases artisanal designers). I was invited to attend this fab soiree by Jennifer AKA the Scentual Mixtress […]

A Glimpse at This Lifestyle Blogger’s Dance Card

I LOVE being a lifestyle and beauty blogger (as you can tell). It gives me both insider access and the opportunity to discover unique products, services and trends so that I can share them with my readers. Honestly, sharing tips, resources, products, places and services delights me to no end 🙂 So every now and again, I like […]

Happy Earth Day: Some of My Favorite Eco Beauty Products

Today is Earth Day. It’s a day to celebrate our planet and appreciate and preserve all the beauty and wonderfulness around us. This eco-movement has really caught on like wildfire and more and more companies are developing healthier, better for you, greener, less chemically derived products. This is a trend that really excites me because […]