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  If you are anything like me, the summer months wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry, flaky and parched. Lately, I have been more focused on keeping my skin moist and hydrated and this has gotten me thinking about what’s important in my moisturizer, specifically what features and benefits do I look for […]

Summer is in full swing and for me that means sportin’ a healthy summer faux glow. I feel prettier and slimmer with a golden glow, can you relate? But I also avoid the sun like the plague and slather on extra SPF during the summer months. So what’s a golden goddess to do? Sunless tanning […]

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat of summer and shift my mood is with a refreshing fragrance. Following are seven fabulous scents that are fresh, bright, fruity, citrus, green or floral and are totally perfect to capture the essence of summer.  Enjoy and I hope you find a new fragrance to enjoy […]

Have you ever wanted to brighten your smile? Have you used whitening toothpastes and brightening products from the drugstore and gotten rid of surface stains, but nothing more? Well, if this sounds like you and if you truly want a brighter, whiter smile, professional teeth whitening is probably the best way to noticeably whiten your […]

I’ve Stretch Mark Removal asked around to determine what methods people were using for dealing with their stretch marks and there were some very good methods out there. I decided to incorporate them in this article only for you. Let’s look at them now!ElastiSkin Oil This process is really a natural remedy to prevent the […]