New Year, New You!!

I am girl who loves change, how about you? I love new beginnings, new opportunities, and new possibilities. That is why I am particularly fond of each New Year, which primes the pump and motivates us to take a look at the year ahead and think about our goals, hopes, wishes and dreams. It is the perfect opportunity to change what isn’t working for you and stick to what is. Where are you headed in 2011? What is the best of 2010 that you want to bring into the New Year and what would you rather leave behind?

One of my first goals for 2011 is to try and have more of an editorial calendar for this blog. And I will be kicking off the month of January with all the newest, latest greatest items, products, technology and just about everything that strikes me as new, inspired and transformational. Keep your eyes open for the Best New Techie Beauty Products (like the LED LightStim for treating wrinkles at home!), Exciting New Beauty Products & Treatments, Health & Wellness products and programs (I am trying the BluePrintCleanse–yikes and exciting!), Fun & Exciting Fashions to make you feel svelte and fab (like Miracle Body Jeans, Yummie Tummie & Assets), fabulous giveaways and even a glimpse some new cars I am excited about driving in 2011 (Checkout my Video of the New 2011 Nissan Quest!)  And also stay tuned for a post on my current Hall of Fame favorite beauty products too!

So as you can see, there are exciting things happening at Romy Raves in the New Year! Make sure you stop by often, so you don’t miss a single morsel of my juicy content in 2011.

Cheers to you My Beauties! Here’s to a Wonderful New Year & an Even More Fabulous You!

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