Being Neat & Organized: A Glimpse Into My Obsession

OK, OK I admidt it, I am slightly obsessed with being neat and organized! When everything is in its place and all the clutter is out of sight, I can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the task at hand. Ahhhh. . . just the thought of complete organization makes me smile. I was recently asked by to create a brief video sharing ‘Where keeping my house neat and organized falls on my list of priorities as a busy mom?’ and I was more than happy to oblige! Here’s my little video showcasing a glimpse into my obsession, I hope you likie (FYI-As I am writing this, I am also in the middle of Spring Cleaning my bedroom closet and thought you might like to know :-))

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this hosting this video and sharing it with you, but all of the obsessive thoughts are my own. I had such fun making it and think it came out FAB, don’t you?


  1. Hi Romy! I hear you – have to make the bed everyday or I feel “off”! This vlog is ringing true with me as I just did a beauty blog for about this very issue of keeping beauty products organized. I really do think it makes a difference for our state of mind when our space is in order. Specifically, when we can easily access favorite beauty products we can just quickly jump into our routine and head out the door looking fantastic in no time!

  2. Thanks for this, Romy! We are smack in the middle of massive bathroom remodels and I want to be sure my new spaces are neat and organized. What a great resource!

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