Estrea European Skin Care Review & Product Giveaway (Valued at $140)

In all honesty, I think the European culture truly embraces beauty and really knows how to do skin care right and American’s still have a lot to learn from these beauty pioneers. In my opinion, European skin and body care products tend to feel more luxurious and pampering and are often made with beautiful ingredients that seem more skin loving in comparison to US made products.

For these reasons, I was delighted to be approached by Estrea Skin Care, an esteemed European beauty brand that has been the number one choice of skin care for women in Europe since the mid-90’s. And recently, Estrea’s product line became available in the U.S. so that now American women can experience the benefits of Estrea’s unique European Skin Care System.

This beautiful line is manufactured in Budapest, Hungary and has twelve products for your face, hands, body and feet which bring together the best of science and the restorative properties of nature. The ingredients frequently used in Estrea’s products include aloe vera, collagen, coffee, olive oil, citrus extracts, chestnut and Vitamins A, C, E and F. And since it’s launch, the most coveted products in the line are the fast-absorbing hand & nail care creams because they have been proven to promote fingernail growth. I’d love to tell you more about the products that I tried and share my opinions with you.

Since many of you know that my eyes are most problematic area, it will come as no surprise that I tried out the eye cream first. Estrea’s Eye Cream contains collagen and vitamin-E botanicals that work synergistically to revive tired-looking eyes and reduce puffiness and dark circles as well as working to improve overall elasticity by strengthening the eye’s delicate skin and softening the appearance of fine lines. I really like how lightweight the cream is, how it instantly absorbs into my delicate eye area and how it perks up my eyes and hydrates my skin. Very nice!

This is a wonderful collection of four skin loving products for the face and body that moisturize, help stimulate circulation and promote your skin’s elasticity. Here’s what the set contains:

  • Hydrating Body Lotion with Olive Oil, Ceramide & Coffee This active body lotion moisturizes and replenishes your skin with olive oil and vitamin E, it increases microcirculation with caffeine, and it helps renew your skin’s natural moisture and elasticity with Ceramide. I love that it smells like a European spa, it subtly perks up my skin and it hydrates all day.
  • Tightening & Replenishing Face & Neck Cream with Olive Oil, Coffee & Hyaluron This is my favorite product in the Estrea line because it beautifully nourishes my face and neck and it also makes it feel tighter and it gives my face a noticeable lift. It contains Mediterranean olive oil, rich in Vitamin-E, which rejuvenates and protects as well as caffeine which immediately wakes up your skin.  LOVE it!
  • Hydrating Hand Cream with Olive Oil & Citrus Extract This is a light yet wonderfully hydrating hand cream with a refreshing citrus scent. It also contains the revitalizing Mediterranean olive oil as well as a bright lime extract. It leaves my hands soft and hydrated for hours and I like the fresh clean citrus scent.
  • Refreshing Foot Balm with Chestnut and Mint I have been using this balm every night after wearing high heels to help rejuvenate my tired, swollen feet. It contains chestnut extracts to help tone, refresh and reduce swelling as well as mint for instant cooling. Can you say Happy Feet?!!

Overall, I really enjoyed trying Estrea’s products and I think the line is beautifully made, skin loving and results driven in a gentle way. And here’s the best part, I am giving away One Estrea Body Care Set (which contains the 4 products discussed above) and One Estrea Face Care Set (Valued at $140) to ONE lucky winner.

Face Care Set ($74-$76)

The Face Care sets are targeted for either Oily or Dry/Combination Skin Type and contain 4 of the following products: a Creamy Facial Cleansing Milk for Eyes & Face, an Exfoliating Scrub, an Intensive Care Eye Cream with Collagen & Vitamin-E (the one I reviewed above) and either a Tightening Face Cream with Olive Oil for Dry skin types OR a Moisturizing Face Gel Vitamin Complex with D-Panthenol for Oily skin types. If you win, you will be able to choose the system that is best for your skin type.

Contest Details 

How to Enter: All that you need to do to enter this FREE giveaway is use the Rafflecopter Widget Below, enter your name and email or sign in through Facebook, then click “DO IT” to do each task that you choose to and once you have completed the task click the “ENTER” button to confirm your DONE entry. Make sure to enter your name and email for each selection, so your entries will be counted.
Options for Entering: There are (4) one-time only entries and all of them are mandatory and (3) choices for daily entries
-In addition, anyone who follows @EstreaUSA on Twitter during the 2 weeks of the giveaway will be sent a DM with a $5 credit to use toward any product on the website and shipping is FREE
Prize: ONE (1) Estrea Body Care Set and ONE (1) Estrea Face Care Set (8 products in total valued at $140)  
Contest Dates: 4/2/12 to 4/15/12 at 12:01 am EST

Good Luck!

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Disclosure: Estrea sent me their Body Care Kit and Eye Cream for review and compensated me to host this product giveaway.


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  5. Lynn Christopher says:

    I use Olay and have combination skin. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  6. latisha depoortere says:

    I have been useing Olay products for years and love them!
    I always love trying something new too!

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    Latisha D

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    My favorite skincare product is the burts bees orange face scrub. I’d like to win the oily set.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

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  11. Laurie Emerson says:

    I use Olay now and I love the Oily/ Dry Combination.

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  13. i use olay products

    i have oily skin

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    I like Olay products now and I would choose dry/combination skin.

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  23. I like ROC wrinkle cream. If I win I’d like dry/combination

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    Daily Entry 4/11/12

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    I would like the dry/combo. my favorite skincare product is olay

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  40. I use avenno right now

    I would like the dry/combination

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  43. Austin Baroudi says:

    I use Oil of Olay products. I’d like the dry/combo skin.

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  57. My favorite skin care product is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I would prefer the oily set if I win!
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  60. I would like the dry/combo if I win.

    My favorite product is the olay toner.

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    I have to have my lavender makeup remover facial wipes! I would like to win the dry skin kit.

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    My current skincare products are a set of antiaging products from Reviva Labs.

    If I am lucky enough to win I want the dry/combination skin products please. Thank you. : D

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    Mechele Johnson

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  70. Sally Lewis says:

    I like all Philosophy skin products but due to price I use Olay the most.
    If I get lucky, I would love the Dry skin set.

  71. Amy Rouse says:

    your current favorite skincare product

    Dr Perricone cold plasma

    & which skin care set you prefer if you win: dry skin

  72. The face care set looks fab! Thanks for the fun contest! xo

  73. Mechele Johnson says:

    I currently use Mary Kay products but am always on the search for new and better products. I would prefer dry/combonation skin because I am approaching 40 and my skin is becoming more dry.

  74. Mechele Johnson says:
  75. I use Oil of Olay products(which I do love)
    I’d like the dry/combo skin
    Sharon S´s last blog post ..Poor hammer continued…..

  76. Sharon
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    Sharon S´s last blog post ..Poor hammer continued…..

  77. oily and i <3 goldbond

  78. Kristi
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  79. This skin care line looks great! If I win, I would love to try the set for Oily Skin. I agree that European skin care often seems to be a bit more luxurious & focused on good for you ingredients. I have a hodge podge of skin care products right now that I am using. I’m in the process of streamlining & finding products that really work for me.
    kristicrabtree (at) hotmail (dot) com

  80. Patricia says:

    If I win I would like Oily/Combination and my favorite skin care product right now is PTR acne cleansing wash.

  81. Kim D.
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  82. I like Oil of Olay products.
    I would like the dry/combination skin

  83. Teri ~ starwberrykidssales (at)
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    If I win I would like the dry/combination skin
    Teri H´s last blog post ..Washed-out Photography – My Girl

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    Love the look of this skincare line!

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