Find a Massage Parlor in Suzhou

Having a massage service in Suzhou is one of the most pleasurable experiences for most people. The relaxing treatment not only relieves stress, but also helps clear your mind and soul. Those who avoid massage therapies actually have no idea what they are missing.

When you are looking for a massage parlor in Suzhou, make sure the place that you are going features qualified therapists, and provides the services that you are expecting. Remember to make an appointment in advance.

It is not required to talk t the therapists during the therapy. If you enjoy lying and relaxing in silence, then do as you want. If you don’t enjoy some particular therapy, you can ask the therapists if they can make a change.

If you are stressed, tired, or having body aches, it is really beneficial for you to have a massage treatment. Here are some parlors for your references.

Located in the Sanxiang road, Suzhou Zutai Health Leisure Pavilion is a very old foot massage shop. Engaged in the foot massage and body massage, etc, the place houses professional therapists with rich skills. The health project here has won lot of consumers’ recognition. The environment of the shop is primitive, allowing you to get fully relax and enjoy your own time.

Peninsula Spa Club is a leisure sauna club in Canglang district. It is a comprehensive leisure place that provides services such as bathing, massage, accommodation. There are also many other service they can provide, but the consumption is higher than some other sauna places, so it may be the place where is for the high income groups consumption. After a busy day, you can enjoy a bathing service in this place.

The Shui Li Fang International Spa is located near Li Gong Di. This sauna Spa is very large and the environment is very nice. The water is very clean, but it is a little bit cold. Providing many services such as bathing, rubbing, kneading, massage legs and free food and drinks, the ticket is about RMB169. The service attitude is very nice in this sauna. There are some special services such as oil pressure. The price is a little expensive.

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