Bellacures Spicy Summer Pedicure is HOT!!

I haven’t had a REALLY GOOD pedicure in a long time, shocking I know! For a while now, I have been on the hunt for a fabulous local, really intense, thorough, revitalizing, put-my-tired-old-dried-out-feet-back-together pedicure and I am thrilled to say that my wishes have come true at Bellacures in Studio City!

Bellacures is a cozy, classy, clean, modern well appointed neighborhood nail salon with eight locations throughout SoCal. The salons are all warm and inviting and you really feel comfortable right when you walk through the door.

And lucky for me, I happen to live very close to their Studio City location so they invited me to come in and have the service of my choice, nice! I couldn’t resist the Spicy Summer Pedicure which sounded totally up my alley and just what my feet needed to combat my worn-out-from-summer-travel-flip-flop-feet.

My Spicy Summer Pedicure began with a warm spicy cayenne pepper bath soak to increase circulation and blood flow and bring nutrients to my skin and nails. The soak generated a refreshing tingle that woke up my feet up and told me that this pedicure was results oriented and not your typical fluffy variety, oh yeah!

So during this pedicure, I learned that cayenne pepper has many healing benefits which include: helping with cell turnover, getting rid of weak bad skin cells and replacing them with strong healthy cells; it also increases heat and blood circulation to the the treated area and gives your skin a fresh glow and brings nutrients to your nails; and it relaxes sore muscles and relieves tension. Bring it on!

This rejuvenating soak was followed by the most thorough expert callus removal that I have had in ages (which was done with a brand new nail file BTW) and I LOVED every second of it! My nail tech at the Studio City location named By, is a master and very meticulous and she made sure to rid my feet of any dead skin and unnecessary dryness. She is the type of nail tech that I have been searching for and I was delighted to discover her on this visit!

Next, came an invigorating exfoliation with a vibrant pink double mint and cayenne pepper sea salt scrub. It smelled so refreshing, felt cool and warm at the same time and gently got rid of my dry skin. Loved it!

The spicy scrub was followed by a rejuvenating minty clay masque that was cool and refreshing. I was really enjoying how this pedicure was alternating between hot and cold stimulating products to really revitalize my legs and feet, and it felt fabulous and perfect on a hot summer day!

Next came a totally relaxing 10 minute foot massage with a refreshing peppermint cream, followed by a steaming hot towel wrap (love the contrast!)

And the final touch before the polish application was a yummy warm moisture rich paraffin treatment, which totally sealed in all the rejuvenating products that were used in this inspired pedicure. And lastly, an expert polish application from By with a vibrant turquoise polish.

What an absolutely unexpectedly phenomenal treat for my feet! I was highly impressed with my experience at Bellacures. I loved the modern comfort, the inspired rejuvenating foot treatment, the quality of my nail tech, the expert execution of my services, the professional staff and my gorgeous top notch pedicure which still looks flawless a week and half later.

If you live in Southern California, I highly recommend visiting your local Bellacures to experience this wonderful nail salon for yourself, it’s truly a treat!

To find your local Southern California Bellacures location, click HERE

Disclosure: Bellacures invited me into their salon for editorial consideration of their pedicure service, but all opinions and tingly happy feet are my very own.


  1. oh my word!! Makes me want to fly out to CA for a pedi! I’m not aware of any where in St. Louis where I could get one like this! you had me at…… a warm spicy cayenne pepper bath soak {sigh} I could have really used this after two back to back trips to NYC!
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