Wine Wednesday: Currently Loving Le Grand Courtage Brut Rose

Do you you ever dream about your future? Well, I do and it involves living in wine country, making wine, sipping gorgeous vintages, eating gourmet seasonal foods and immersing myself in all things oenology. Oh and sipping a beautiful rose bubbly tops my list! So when I met, Tawnya and her boyfriend a few years ago at a wine festival and learned that they had thrown caution to the wind to live their dream, move to France and make their own sparkling wine, I was both impressed and all kinds of jealous!

Allow me to introduce you to, Le Grand Courtâge which means ‘the Great Courtship’. More specifically, it refers to a boat leaving on long journey and it loosely ties into the brand’s motto which I personally love: Embrace Life.  Dream Big.  Accept all Invitations. Le Grand Courtâge also alludes to the merging of French and American wine making cultures  utilized in making this wine. I adore Le Grande Courtage wines because they truly embody the convergence of these cultures which has resulted in gorgeous vibrant finessed sparkling wines that look and taste much more expensive than they actually are (about $25) and give a whole new meaning to affordable luxury.

Ever since I tried Le Grand Courtage Blanc De Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine ($24.99), I was hooked!

It is bright, crisp, refreshing, with a creamy mouth-feel and the perfect balance of fruit, acidity and sweetness. It has a hint of Meyer lemon and honeydew on the palate with a splash of apple on the finish. This has been my go to bubbly for a while now because it’s so deelish, affordable and makes an impressive gift (because of the luxurious clear bottle.) I love it so much that I periodically buy it by the case! And they just came out with the most adorable 187 ML Blanc de Blanc Minis for $6.99, which make the perfect bubbly for GNO or party favors!

Well given my affinity for all things bubbly, you can imagine my delight when I heard that my fav beloved sparkling wine brand was coming out with their version of a sparkling rose, I was beyond thrilled and it was well worth the wait! Allow me to introduce you to Le Grand Courtage Brut Rose ($24.99)

This swoon worthy sparkling rose is a beautiful pink/peach hue showcased perfectly in the signature Grand Courtage clear bottle. This delightful new wine has an intoxicating blend of red berry fruit, a hint of floral and the most divine baby bubbles. It has a fresh and fruity nose with the aromas of young strawberries, raspberries and notes of lilac and violets.  This impressive Brut Rose is make up of a blend of three grapes which include: Chardonnay for depth and structure, then the unusual Ugni Blanc grape for acidity and freshness, and lastly the light bodied Gamay for vibrant wild berry and floral notes. 

Grand Courtage Brut Rose has been my new summer time go-to beverage of choice because let’s face it, it looks pretty and feminine! However, it also tastes fabulous! It’s refreshing bright and fruity and is the perfect compliment to a variety of my fav summer foods like BBQ, seafood, a gourmet cheese course or even spicy foods. It is so yummy, glamorous and has totally kicked up our summer entertaining! Our guests are always impressed when we pull out a bottle of Grand Courtage-it has that effect on people 🙂

Now here’s the best part, should you be interested in partaking in some of this lovely bubbly for yourself, I am sharing special discount code with my readers: 20% off your purchase when you use the code LOVELIFE

Cheers to you, to enjoying a gorgeous glass of Grand Courtage bubbly and celebrating life every single day!

Disclosure: Le Grand Courtage sent me several bottles of their new Brut Rose and Brut Minis for editorial consideration,  however my effervescent musings and affinity for this bubbly are my very own. 


  1. Romy,
    great article and Sparkling Wine! 🙂

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