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What Do You LOVE To Do? Diet Pepsi Encourages Us to LOVE Every Sip of Life

If you could spend a whole day, doing anything you wanted to do that gives you infinite joy and makes your heart sing, what would you do? Well, Diet Pepsi recently launched a fabulous campaign centered around this idea of loving every sip of life and enjoying every single moment, and this message totally resonates with me! It’s that carpe diem mentality of living every day to the fullest and being present – I really make an effort live my life like this (some days more successfully than others of course :-)) So when my friends at Diet Pepsi reached out to me and challenged me to make a list of the things that I LOVE to do, I jumped at the chance!

So what do I LOVE you ask? I love all things beauty and have ever since I was a little girl. A great lipstick or a good hair day can change a girl’s life! The reason I have always loved beauty is because it’s sensory, mood enhancing, transformative, accessible, it can be enjoyed alone or with others and it’s usually affordable. And the primary reason that I started this blog over four years ago, was to share my passion for beauty with others in hopes that it would impact their lives in a positive way.

So given my love for all things beauty, I decided to kick it up a notch for this challenge and create a GETTING GLAM LOVE LIST – this collage represents all the things that a girl needs to feel glam and beautiful: Sexy heels, Great hair, A Red Carpet Worthy Smile, Embracing Her Curves, Freshly Manicured Nails, Smokin’ Hot Eye Make-Up, A Bit of Bling and a refreshing Diet Pepsi to keep a girl on her toes. Aren’t the new HEART cans adorbs?

Diet Pepsi Love List

So tell me my beauties: What do you LOVE to do? What makes you really happy? What makes you laugh and smile? Tweet your “Love List” to @dietpepsi and use the hashtag #SharetheLove and remember to enjoy every moment of your life!

Disclosure: I was compensated by Diet Pepsi for writing this post, but all opinions, beauty obsessions and affinity for a refreshing Diet Pepsi are my very own.



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