Wine Wednesday: Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Happy Wine Wednesday Oenophiles! Gotta love when someone is thinking about us wine luvahs and our needs. Case in point: You are entertaining and you have a gorgeous bottle of buttery Chardonnay that you want to leisurely sip on your patio, but it’s really hot outside, you don’t have an ice bucket, and if you leave your wine outside without putting it back in the fridge it gets warm and tastes awful. Oh yeah, and you also want to stay outside and enjoy your guests and the beautiful day! Guess what? I have found the perfect solution to this annoying wine dilemma, allow me to introduce you to: Corkcicle ($24.95)

Corkcicle is a simply brilliant little invention that allows you to chill your wine from the inside without watering it down and changing the flavor profile. Corkcicle keeps your chilled whites and lighter chilled reds at the perfect drinking temperature, and it even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to a more suitable drinking temperature. Corkcicle makes it effortless to enjoy your wine at the perfect drinking temperature every single time.

And it’s simple to use: Just freeze your Corkcicle for at least 2 hours, open your yummy bottle of wine and pour out just a sip’s worth to make room for the Corkcicle, insert the frozen Corkcicle into your white wine and keep it perfectly chilled for an hour or put it in your room temp reds to cool them down to the perfect drinking temperature within 15 minutes. It’s reuseable, just hand wash your Corkcicle when you are done and re-freeze for next time. And it comes in three fun colors (Pink, Blue and Green) or classic cork. Kinda FAB, right?

I’ve been using my Corkcicle alot lately and I especially love it for outdoor entertaining, there is nothing worse than a warm white wine, blech! I also like having it on hand for those spontaneous evenings when we want a bottle of red just a tad bit cooler than room temp. Corkcicle is a fab little invention that comes in very handy. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Cheers!

Disclosure: Wine Enthusiast sent me a Corkcicle for editorial consideration, but all opinions and full-bodied insights are my own.

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