Burke Williams Wellness Pedicure: Pampering, Hydrating & Healing

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Growing up in LA, Burke Williams has definitely been one of the leaders in the spa niche, it’s almost like a household name. But don’t let the fact that they have been around a while fool you, this Spa continually impresses me by upping it’s game and offering new, innovative and inspired spa treatments. Recently, they have really been making strides towards expanding their nail care services beyond just pampering because they want to be thought of as more than just a pampering spa, but also as a resource for wellness treatments.

I was recently invited to Burke Williams to try out their new Wellness Pedicure  ($85), a next generation nail care treatment that utilizes state of the art technology to rejuvenate your feet by prepping them to absorb products into all five layers of the skin on your feet. This inspired pedi begins with an up close, thorough analysis of the health and condition of your feet by a well trained nail technician. After she inspects your feet, she then recommends a customized treatment and home care.

My diagnosis was that the arches of my feet have dropped as I have gotten older and I should definitely consider orthotic support. In addition, one of my toe nails was lifting away from my skin and she recommended an at home pediceutical product that could fix it. The nail tech also felt that my feet were incredibly dry, so she recommended a thorough deep removal of my dry skin and calluses.

The first phase of this healing pedicure consisted of a series of different methods, tools and products for exfoliation to gently, yet thoroughly remove layers of dry skin from my feet. First, my nail tech used the Clarisonic Pedi device to smooth and soften my feet

BW Wellness Pedi Clairsonic

Next, she used a professional diamond drill bit to more deeply, yet gently buff away the dry dull skin. I think this is the secret weapon of this Wellness Pedi because the diamond head was able to more thoroughly remove my layers of dry skin and smooth out my pesky summer-overly-dry-from-flip-flops feet without any discomfort or rough peeling

BW Wellness Pedi Diamond Drill

For the the final layer of exfoliation, I added on a yummy FarmHouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Sugar Scrub  Seasonal Scrub Enhancement ($10). This scrub smelled absolutely divine, I was totally tempted to eat it!!

After having three different methods of exfoliation, my feet were primed ready for hydration and a killer foot massage. As part of it’s expansion into wellness nail care services, Burke Williams is using some exciting new brands/products in their treatments as well as selling them for at home care. Footlogix Pediceuticals (Medi meets Pedi) are an absolutely fabulous addition to their offerings. Footlogix innovative foot care treatments are medical grade products that transform your feet.

BW Wellness Footlogix

For the massage portion of my Wellness Pedi, the nail tech used Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula which has a whipped cream/mousse like consistency that allows it to instantly and deeply penetrate and hydrate your feet. Wrapped in this lovely lavender heated wrap, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fab healing massage portion of my pedi

BW Wellness Pedi Ahhh

After all the dry skin removal and massaging with state-of-the-art products, my feet were incredibly soft, refreshed and supple. The results were truly impressive and they have continued to last weeks after the service. I can’t wait to get another one of these healing pedi’s after the summer has wreaked havoc on my exposed tootsies.

Before I wrap up this post, I also wanted to briefly mention all of the new Pedicure Enhancements that you can add on to snazz up your Burke Williams pedicure service:

  • Callus Enhancement ($12) – add to any pedicure to leave your feet feeling smoother and softer
  • Seasonal Scrub ($10) – polish your feet with a yummy seasonal scrub that adds another layer of exfoliation and moisture
  • Heel Honey Enhancement ($10) – honey-based serum from FarmHouse Fresh that combines aloe leaf juice, pineapple and papaya fruit extracts to provide a moisturizing, ultra-smooth and sealing treatment for your feet
  • Seasonal Masque Enhancement ($10) – an all-natural blend of wholesome yummy smelling ingredients that changes seasonally to nurture and heal your feet
  • BS Brace Enhancement ($50) will help eliminate in-grown toenails with a simple, fast and painless solution that requires no downtime. BS Brace gives noticeable pain relief while helping correct any curvature of the nail
  • Glitter Body Art Tattoo ($15 – $20) – add a little sparkle on your ankle with a pretty waterproof design that lasts about 7 days

Disclosure: I was invited to Burke Williams to try out this spa treatment for editorial consideration, but all opinions and feet like buttah are my own.

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