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I’ve Got a Secret: How To Make Secret Extensions Look Like Your Own Hair, Only Better

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a hair extension product that I am totally obsessed with called Secret Extensions, and the reason I just can’t get enough is because these brilliant easy-to-use hair pieces change your look, mood, attitude, sexiness and self confidence in moments! That’s pretty compelling, isn’t it? Anyhow, in my last post I talked about how these extensions can instantly change your look, and in this post I want to focus on a few key tips that you can use to customize your Secret Extensions so that they look like your hair, ONLY Better!

The ‘Secret’ to Making These Extensions Look Like Your Own Hair is Having Your Stylist Cut Your Secret Extensions so that they Blend Seamlessly into Your Own Hair Style

Honestly, I think this is the key to having these extensions look good. When you get them, they are long and a bit wavy and all one length, and most of us have some sort of layers in our hair so if you put them in straight out of the package they don’t blend with the movement of your hair. By having your stylist cut them to blend with your hair, they just fall into place and look much more natural. Don’t skip this very important step!

Secret Ext Cut

Layer Two Secret Extensions for Instant Fullness & Volume

One of my favorite things about Secret Extensions is how it gives my hair instant volume and va-va-voom! I especially love layering two extension pieces for thicker, sexier luscious hair in an instant. Checkout the picture of me below with two Secret Extensions in my hair that I wore before going out on the town in Vegas Baby! They totally made me feel so sexy and feminine with little effort. And I got so many compliments that night, wonder if anyone knew my ‘secret’?

Secret Ext Match

Have Fun & Try Out a New Hair Color or Two without the Risk

Secret Extensions currently come in 11 different colors so that you have many options and combinations to choose from. I encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and try out a color or two that feel a bit risky and fun. Instead of matching it to your regular hair color, go for contrast! Go a shade or two darker for a highlighted effect or lighter for an Ombre Look. You can wear a lighter and darker extension together to give your hair a multi-dimensional/highlighted professional look. The possibilities are endless!

Checkout the video below to learn a simple technique for how to pick the best colors to match, compliment and add contrast and dimension to your hair

Disclosure: I am a compensated Secret Extensions Brand Ambassador. However, I absolutely LOVE these extensions and decided to partner with this brand because this product is so transformative and empowering.


  1. Got to know something new by reading your post, i never thought that there is a way by which hair extensions can look same as your natural hair style. Even your hair stylist has to be up to the mark to make you look elegant. Informative post !

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