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Cheers! Celebrate National Sangria Day with Eppa Sangria


Today is National Sangria Day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sipping a glass of my latest obsession EPPA Sangria! I discovered EPPA over the summer at a BlogHer party and my refined palate was instantly ‘wowed’ by how good and like homemade it tasted. I make own sangria and when I tasted EPPA, I was rather amazed that it tasted just as good (and as fresh) as mine. And just like that, my relationship commenced with this Rave worth wine!

Let me tell you some of my favorite things about EPPA Sangria:

  • EPPA Sangria is crafted with a blend of real, organic, antioxidant rich superfruit juices and premium wine made from organically grown grapes
  • EPPA Sangria is a delicious, complex tasting ready-to-drink premium sangria, priced at an affordable $13.99
  • It’s fairly easy to find at Whole Foods & many other retailers around the country
  • EPPA Sangria comes in both Red & White flavor profiles – but I’m partial to the Red
    • EPPA Red Sangria is made with the pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange & acai juices and it has twice the amount of antioxidants of a typical glass of red wine
    • EPPA White Sangria is made with mangosteen, peach, mango & blood orange juices and it has three times the amount of antioxidants of a typcial glass of white wine
  • EPPA was awarded 90 Points from the esteemed Tasting Panel Food & Wine Magazine
  • EPPA’s is all about Creating HappierHours for Everyone! and this uplifting message along with this beautifully crafted product totally resonates with me

So given my affinity for this FAB wine, it will come as no surprise that I recently hosted a fabulous event showcasing this delightful brand for some of my favorite SoCal influencers and it was nothing short of amazing! I invited a group of inspiring and diverse women and curated a spectacular event showcasing all the unique and special things I love about this wine. From the vibrant colors, to the chic venue to the superfruit flavors and fruits being infused into the food, to the superfruit notes being custom blended into a body butter that was used to give hand and foot massages to a DIY make-your-own superfruit scrub and mask bar to the final touch of custom engraved wine glasses that each guest got to take home, it was all flawless and memorable. Here’s a glimpse of this special night with EPPA:

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All FAB Photos by The Purple Tree

A special thanks to Big Buddha for gifting each attendee with a FAB fashionista bag

Disclosure: I partnered with EPPA because I genuinely love the product. All opinions and oenophile musings are my own.

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