Luzern Laboratories: Harnessing the Power of the Swiss Alps to Deliver Radiant Skin


As many of you know, being a 40+ woman skincare is my top area of passion! I’ve been getting facials since I was 16 and have been obsessed with all things skin since then, so as you can imagine I have curated alot of knowledge and experience in the skincare category. In other words, I am very savvy about his topic and take it rather seriously, so when I rave about skincare I really mean it! I recently had the opportunity to try out Luzern Laboratories skincare as well as one of their anti-aging facials and honestly this brand kinda ‘wowed’ me. Let me tell you why:

Luzern Labs products are made out of ingredients harvested from plants that are sustainably grown at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps. These high altitude plants contain potent concentrations of antioxidants because they have to fight to survive in the high temperature fluctuations and UV radiation of that climate. These Swiss extracts yield a gold standard of certified Bio-Suisse organic anti-aging extracts which are combined with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients and then produced in small batches at low temperatures in order to preserve their anti-aging goodness. This process results in very pure skincare products that are free of toxic additives and irritants.

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