Embrace Pura Vida! & Boost Self-Confidence with Invisalign®

pura vida collage

I recently visited the stunning lush green country of Costa Rica where they live by the beautiful mantra PURA VIDA which literally means ‘pure life’, however a more accurate description is ‘full of life’ or ‘live life to the fullest’ or ‘this is living!’ I totally embraced this Pura Vida mindset while I was in Costa Rica and I decided to take a big dose of this ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude home with me. When, I got home, I began to realize that I actually have alot of the Pura Vida mindset already within me and I just have to learn how to tap into it more regularly.

So when Invisalign® (whose headquarters happen to be in Costa Rica) reached out to me and asked me to partner with them and write about confidence, the first thing that came to mind was that I need to write about how we can all tap into our own inner Pura Vida. Specifically, they asked me to share what makes me feel confident; what is that one thing that always makes me feel ready to take over the world?

And suddenly it came to me, it was actually easy for me to answer this: I feel the most confident when I am wearing a fun show stopping accessory that makes people happy, smile and connect with me easily and instantly. Usually my accessory choices are fun, bold and over the top like my sunnies below

Pura Vida Sunnies

Don’t you just wanna smile when you see them? Fun, bold choices like this usually attract positive attention, which leads to compliments which totally feeds my soul and then this in turn makes me feel confident enough to conquer almost anything. I have such fun with it and I realize that this is my expression of Pura Vida, I embrace who I am and enjoy the moment.

So when do you feel the most confident? What kinds of things are you willing to do to feel more confident and embrace the Pura Vida mindset?? Please share your thoughts in my blog comments section below. [Read More...]

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