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I’ve curated a fabulous assortment of skin transforming products and anti-aging devices to give yourself a professional facial at homeI've curated a fabulous assortment of skin transforming products and anti-aging devices to give yourself a professional facial at home

Let’s be honest, being stuck at home was not easy especially for us high maintenance girls who thrive on our regular beauty treatments to look and feel our best, can you relate? One of my favorite discoveries during quarantine is that while I definitely love professional quality skincare treatments, there are so many fabulous beauty products and treatments that we can easily use on ourselves in the comfort of our own home. I was really excited to find so many great skincare products that can treat, pamper and transform your face and give you professional results for a fraction of the price. Even though quarantine is over (hopefully forever), I am still loving my at home professional facial beauty products routine. After testing and trying out many products and at-home beauty devices, following are ten products that impressed me the most and that I have been using to give myself a professional facial at home. I hope you find one or more new products to pamper your skin at home too!


The majority of professional facials that I have had (since I was 16!) all start with a Double Cleanse to thoroughly remove all dirt, toxins and oil in order to get your skin really clean and ready for the products and treatments that follow. Typically when you do a proper double cleanse, you use an oil based cleanser first to remove make-up and debris and then follow it up with a gentle foaming cleanser to remove excess oil and prep the skin for what follows.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is my absolute favorite oil based cleanser because the combination of rose and mimosa smells like a luxe heavenly spa treatment. I adore the rich balm texture that melts into a lovely oil that deeply cleans your skin and removes the pollutants that are embedded deep within your skin. This gorgeous cleanser leaves your skin refreshed and nourished just like a spa treatment.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is a cult favorite gentle gel cleanser that thoroughly cleans your skin and removes impurities without stripping or drying out your skin. This swoon-worthy cleanser smells like fresh cucumbers and has a gorgeous silky texture that leaves your skin soft, toned and balanced. And I’m loving their fabulous new jumbo pump dispenser size because it’s perfect and easy to use in the shower.


A professional facial usually includes an exfoliation or peel of some sort to remove your dead skin cells that tend to make your skin look dull and sluggish. Exfoliating is an important step because it makes your skin look and feel refreshed and ready to absorb the results of all the great treatments that follow.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel is a much raved about (almost 60K reviews on Birchbox!) face peeling treatment that transforms your skin in just minutes! What makes this peel so impressive is that as you gently rub this magical gel (which is made of enzymatic proteins) into your skin, you can visibly see it removing dirt and dead skin cells right before your eyes, it is so cool! Plus even though this peel is super effective and it makes your skin incredibly soft and smooth, it is also super gentle, acid-free and safe for even the most sensitive skin types. I’m obsessed with it!!


The secret sauce to any professional facial at home treatment is using a results driven, high tech skincare device that takes your results to the next level. I have been testing out several fabulous at-home skincare treatment devices lately and while many have been good, I found one that is really easy to use and it also delivers impressive noticeable results.

BeautyBio GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool Micro-needling has gotten a lot of positive buzz over the last several years because it really helps rejuvenate, heal and transform your skin. GloPRO is an innovative skincare tool that has over 500 surgical stainless steel micro-needles along with LED Red Light Therapy and a vibrating action which all work synergistically together to regenerate your skin. The tiny needles create thousands of imperceptible micro channels in your skin (it doesn’t hurt at all BTW) which stimulates collagen, restores volume and provides passageways for your skin care products to absorb more deeply into your skin. So it’s the perfect segue step during your at-home facial before your treatment products. I’ve been using the GloPRO for over a month, and LOVE how it has made my skin visibly firmer, smoother and more youthful. I’m hooked!

I've curated a fabulous assortment of skin transforming products and anti-aging devices to give yourself a professional facial at homeREFRESH & TONE

I love a refreshing spritz of aromatherapy toning mist during my facial because it helps reset and freshen your skin and it also tightens your pores. All of the best facials include a lovely mist!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a cult-favorite toning mist that refreshes your skin, tightens pores, and provides an instant shot of radiance. And what makes this spa-in-a-bottle elixir so swoon-worthy is that it is infused with rejuvenating grape essence (aka polyphenols) along with toning rosemary, astringent peppermint and soothing rose essential oils which all help prepare your skin for your final steps.


Every professional facial at home should always include a mask to help you relax and unwind while at the same time addressing your skin’s most pressing problem of the moment. I have multiple masks in my skincare arsenal but the following three have been my go-to mask treatments lately because they transform my skin in a single treatment.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD® Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask is a powerhouse clearing and detoxifying treatment mask that instantly targets breakouts and congested pores. Supermud is made with kaolin clay, activated charcoal, a proprietary eucalyptus leaf cocktail and a potent blend of acids which all work together to treat clogged pores, blemishes and get rid of impurities and dead skin cell buildup. After just one use, this impressive mask leaves your skin cleaner, clearer and pore-less. It’s definitely a WOW!

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device is one of the coolest and most innovative skin treatment devices that I have ever used! This unique beauty treatment device combines the latest in smart phone technology with the best of Korean sheet masks to give you a 90 second mask treatment that transforms your skin. Basically, you download the UFO app and use your smartphone to scan your mask which then activates a customized photo-facial treatment that includes LED light therapy, hot and cold sensations and vibrations that work in tandem with your mask and give you a turbo-charged treatment in less that 2 minutes. There are so many awesome masks to choose from, but I love how luminous and radiant my skin looks after using the Glow Addict Brightening Mask.

I've curated a fabulous assortment of skin transforming products and anti-aging devices to give yourself a professional facial at home

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks are rose gold foil under eye treatment masks which visibly brighten, hydrate, plump and reduce puffiness while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and I use them all the time! They are wonderful to use first thing in the morning when under eye puffiness is the most noticeable, while traveling when your eye area tends to get dry and tried or during the relaxing mask phase of your at-home treatment. These masks instantly transform your eye area and I can’t RAVE about them highly enough!


One of the best things about doing a professional facial at home is that benefits keep going all night long! As the final step of your at home facial, make sure to apply an active treatment just before bed so that in morning your skin looks like you just had a luxurious spa treatment!

PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment 0.5% Pure Retinol Retinol continues to be the gold standard ingredient in anti-aging skincare because it has been proven to transform your skin and PCA’s Brightening Retinol Treatment is one of the best that I have tried. This serum contains a powerful trio of non-irritating skin rejuvenating ingredients like pure retinol, resveratrol and niacinamide which all work together to make your skin smoother, radiant and glowing overnight.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is the OG moisture-replenishing sleep mask that quickly absorbs, deeply hydrates and plumps your skin while you sleep. This cult favorite mask is formulated with highly concentrated Hydro Ionized Mineral Water to deliver high doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin overnight. The best part is that in the morning your skin looks refreshed, supple and more youthful.

Here are a few of my favorite Raves about my Facial and Skin Care routines.

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I've curated a fabulous assortment of skin transforming products and anti-aging devices to give yourself a professional facial at home

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  1. I really love the Laneige Water Sleeping mask. It is one of my favorite Korean products it make my skin so refreshing and moisturized.

  2. Jessie | Pray With Confidence says:

    So many amazing products! Which one do you recommend starting with if I currently just use a normal bar of soap?

    1. I would probably start with the Real Chemistry Peel cause the results are amazing and instant

  3. katrina Kroeplin says:

    those are great products. i will have to look into them.

  4. All of these look like such great products to try! I’ll have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing!

  5. A couple of suggestions I will definitely look into. Thank you for sharing this product list;)

  6. Marie Phillips says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I am totally doing this with my daughter!

  7. Dan "Jay" Reyes says:

    These looks like a good variety of facial beauty products worth trying to. Thank you for sharing this post. Bless you 🙂

  8. Melanie williams says:

    I need to seriously up my game when it comers to face care, but can never find the right products. I will have to try a few of these x

  9. With current Pandemic situation, we have to do everything at home which includes beauty regime, I really like the suggestion you made . Will be trying them soon 😊

  10. Emman Damian says:

    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser sounds so nice. I think I should try it. My best friend would also love it.

  11. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    Thank you for these tips as I have not had a facial since before the lockdown and badly in need of one, this is a great idea for me to get this done at home whilst the beauty parlors open again

  12. I want that roller in my life! I’ve heard such good things!

  13. Catherine says:

    So many great products here. I love pampering myself at home. Thanks for sharing all your suggestions!

  14. the joyous living says:

    wow. those ufo masks look and sound so clever. but the price tag is pretty hefty. how much do you get for the money?

    1. Yes it is an initial investment, but all you have to do is replenish the masks and those are very affordable

  15. These are all ten amazing products. I have been so curious about which facial masks to try out and I think after this review, I’l try the GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD® Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask and then just slowly go through your list lol. My friend wants me to explore more beauty care products so this post is a great start!

  16. Gervin Khan says:

    All of us wanted to go out for spa but can’t do that due to pandemic and I think these are great products to have in our home that we can be use to pamper ourselves and have a spa day at home.

  17. These are all awesome ideas for skincare products. Something, I don’t really know that much about. I need to get in the habit of washing my face before bed. lol

  18. I love these, they’ll definitely make you feel like you’ve visited a spa right in your home. Great products.

  19. Emily Fata says:

    So many of these products look really great! I think I might give the Laneige brand a try.

  20. Toni Dash says:

    I seriously need to give this a try!! Looks really good!

  21. I think these days I need to buy some new skin care products. Thanks for these suggestions!

  22. I want to try that peel! I have been using a daily chemical peel for a couple months now and i can’t tell if it’s working. That microneedling tool also looks Interesting.

    1. Make sure you take before pics before you try a new product or device so that you can really see the difference

  23. Your skin looks amazing. I have a skincare routine I practice daily. It’s a huge part of my self-care.

  24. Kita Bryant says:

    I would really like to try these products out. I am always up for some more skin care products.

  25. You have the most beautiful skin! I have to try them all asap!

    1. That so sweet of you to say! It’s products like these that make all the difference

  26. I think it’s time for me to give myself a little spa day. I love all of these products.

  27. I have to show this to my wife. She’ll be all over this in like two seconds.

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