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Beat the heat and discover a refreshing new fragrance. These 7 Fruity Floral Perfumes capture the essence of summer in a pretty little bottle.

Collage of summer perfumes that are fruity and floral.

The right perfume for summer can bring back childhood memories, instantly transport you to a gorgeous daydream and be a fantastic conversation starter on your next vacation.

As a beauty lover, I love to discover new products that I know will become a favorite. And I always share these finds with you!

Why You Need a Summer Perfume

A fabulous summer scent is fresh, bright, fruity, citrus, green and/or floral. And when I smell one of the fragrances below, it instantly lifts my mood!

But heat also affects how perfume behaves when we put it on. What was once subtle and lovely, can turn overpowering because of how it evaporates when the weather turns warm.

The scent notes I’ve noted above are included in the best summer perfumes for a reason. They tend to burn off faster than other muskier notes and they don’t become so pungent that you feel like you’re dragging a cloud around with you.

Fruity Floral Perfumes for Summer

These fruity scents and floral perfumes make the best summer fragrances. They'll instantly lift your mood. Not only are these great to wear on vacation but may just inspire you to book that next trip.

Tips for Wearing Perfume in the Summer

  • Wear less than you usually do. One spritz or a little dab will really be enough.
  • Look for scents that include flowers or fruit that blooms in summer.
  • Skip the vanilla and overly sweet scents. These can feel suffocating especially if the weather is humid.
  • Make sure you keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin more quickly absorbs any moisture you put on it meaning that your perfume will evaporate fast and so will the fragrance.
  • Oils are a little bit heavier and may stay on longer on a hot summer day.
  • You can’t go wrong with citrus scents in the summer! When in doubt, search for simple, citrus fruit fragrances.

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Collage with summer perfumes with text that says "summer perfumes, fruity and floral scents."
Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I have L ‘Occitane from this list. I tend to go for the zesty fragrances in the summer. That smells so fresh and uplifting. For me, it’s a must have in my collection.

    1. That’s awesome. I love fresh, vibrant, and uplifting summer scents as well. Happy almost Summer!

  2. Yumm so good! I can smell them through pictures. Having a perfume, body mist or a body spray in you bag in summers is so so important. Thank you for sharing “a must buy” floral scents with us. Every penny is worth spending.

  3. I have tried Blue de channel. It is very popular in my country. I love the smell of that perfume. What do you think about this perfume?
    Thanks. Anyway, your review is a worth sharing then. !

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