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One of my favorite ways to beat the heat of summer and shift my mood is with a refreshing fragrance. Following are seven fabulous scents that are fresh, bright, fruity, citrus, green or floral and are totally perfect to capture the essence of summer. Enjoy and I hope you find a new fragrance to enjoy and freshen your mood this summer.

1) Vince Camuto Fiori ($78) is a bright refreshing summery floral fragrance that was inspired by the blossoming delphiniums in Vince Camuto’s own personal garden. Fiori combines scents of pink grapefruit, ripened white nectarine, sheer iris and dewy freesia with a base of sandalwood and creamy blonde cedarwood. I would describe Fiori as a flirty fresh feminine date night fragrance that puts you in a happy mood. I adore the bottle with the rose gold filigree cap = Stunning!

2) Zents Mandarin Attar Oil Concentrate ($40) I recently discovered the gorgeous fragrances from Zents and immediately fell in love with the fresh, spicy citrus scent of Mandarin. It has a top note of succulent mandarin, heart note of tropical ginger blossom and base notes of cardamom, nutmeg and saffron. I would describe this as a refreshing, bright, spicy, exotic citrus scent that totally wakes up the senses. It’s the perfect fragrance to use in the morning to gorgeously jump start your day.

3) L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance ($52) This is an invigorating, fresh, fruity summer fragrance that totally hits the spot during the warmer months. It contains organic verbena from Corsica, lemon oil from Sicily and grapefruit extract from Italy and it totally transports you to a summer vacation in the Mediterranean. This fragrance is fresh, clean, citrusy and perfect for when you step out of the shower and want to lightly scent your whole body.

4) online pokies Caldrea Coconut Fig Leaf Perfume ($18) This is the perfect tropical summer vacation scent, in fact I am heading to the Carribbean for vacation next month and this fab little roller ball scent is coming with me. It has intoxicating top notes of coconut, white fig and plum, middle notes of violet and clover, and base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. I would describe it as fruity, tropical, feminine, sexy and complex = LOVE! And the fragrance lasts!

5) Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle Eau de Toilette Spray ($39.50) is a light, fresh, flirty and floral scent. It has fresh top notes like sheer bergamont, sparkling lemon, and green tea vapors; Middle notes of wild honeysuckle, jasmine and neroli and Base notes of summer peach and musk. This is medium weight floral fragrance that you might wear to a summer soiree if you want to get noticed.;sh=2000

6) Terveer Green Perfume Oil with Holder ($185) This is a luxurious handcrafted artisanal scent that is meant to capture the rural landscape of the rich farmlands in Europe. It has a gorgeous and unusual combination of fragrance notes which include crushed fig leaves, fresh green ivy, live galbanum, sweet pink pepper and wet oakmoss. It’s very green, a littlle spicy, fresh, multi-layered and intoxicating. This is the type of fragrance that hooks you in, constantly evolves and keeps you guessing. I absolutely love it and can’t stop thinking about it.

7) AVON Blue Escape for Her Eau de Toilette Spray ($23) AVON does it again with this fresh, fruity, oceanic summer vacation scent. The notes include sparkling blue lotus, pear nectar, tropical driftwood and sultry musk. In my opinion, this is a woman’s version of man’s fragrance in the best possible way. It has the fresh, marine-like scent that I love in my man’s cologne with a sweet tropical sexy twist that makes it totally feminine. FAB!

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Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. The Vince Camuto looks and sounds interesting. I can’t help but fall in love with fragrance packaging.

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