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Teeth WhiteningI am a beauty maven to the core, followed closely by my pursuit of finding stylish unique accessories–I am all about making a statement! I love when I wear a fashionable accessory or use a super hip beauty item and women stop me to say, “What IS that? or Where did you get that?” To me, the best compliment someone can pay me is by complimenting my beauty and fashion tastes—that’s music to a trend mavens ears.

Chic-Flic Teeth Whitening & Lip Enhancer ($32.95) is a fashion statement, blingy accessory and an inspired beauty product all in one! And I just LOVE it! When I take this uber hip product out of my purse and use it, women stop, stare and ask what it is that I am using, and then they want one too.

So what is Chic-Flic? It is a tooth whitening product and a lip shine plumper all in one. On one side of this stylish sparkly duo is a proprietary, premium strength teeth whitening gel with a refreshing mint flavor (with 60+ applications). On the flip side, is a botanical and vitamin infused vanilla flavored lip shine plumper that is 80% organic.

And the coolest part for me, besides the bling on the package (this diva loves her sparkles), is the mini LED lights and mirrors that help you put on your product in the car or when you are out and night, and you can even use it as a purse flash light to help you find your keys in the abyss. When I pull this fashionable hi-tech beauty accessory out of my purse with all of its bling and lights, it just screams FUN!

Oh yeah, and it does a good job of instantly whitening and brightening your teeth too. You simply apply a thin layer of the whitening gel to your teeth and wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking to give it enough time to work its magic. Then you apply the plumping gloss and your smile is shiny and instantly brighter. And I love the portability of this product too because I can use it when I am out after an inky glass of red wine and it keeps my teeth looking white.

This is a super cool, modern girls smile brightening product and you can buy yours HERE




Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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