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Los Angeles is home to some excellent theater. Right now, for a limited time until December 31st, A Christmas Story, The Musical is a must see at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA.

A Christmas Story Musical

Forget fruitcake and frantic gift wrapping, darlings! This holiday season, I’m giving you the gift of pure, unadulterated joy: A Christmas Story, The Musical, now dazzling the stage at the Ahmanson Theatre. Let me tell you, it’s more than just a triple dog dare – it’s a sugar-coated sleigh ride straight into childhood wonder. From the amazingly talented songwriting team behind the smash hit Tony Award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen and the critically acclaimed films La La Land and The Greatest Showman; A Christmas Story, The Musical, brings the beloved holiday classic 1983 movie to hilarious life on stage!

From the moment that iconic leg lamp first lit up, I was transported back to my youth and a time of magic and wonder and daydreaming about a snowy Christmas morning. The score is a toe-tapping blend of nostalgic tunes and fresh Broadway bangers, with every number sparking memories and laughter in equal measure. Remember that scene where Ralphie fantasizes about being a pilot? They turned it into a full-blown tap dance extravaganza that had me grinning like a kid with a new decoder ring.

A Christmas Story, The Musical

But it’s not just the spectacle that steals the show. The cast is a pitch-perfect embodiment of our beloved characters. From the wide-eyed innocence of young Ralphie to the delightfully grumpy Old Man (who, let’s be honest, we all secretly relate to on a caffeine-deprived December morning), they breathe life into these iconic figures with warmth, humor, and a healthy dose of holiday cheer.

A Christmas Story, The Musical

And let’s not forget the heart. This musical isn’t just about leg lamps and pink bunny suits (though those are undeniably delightful). It’s about family, friendship, and the unwavering belief in the magic of Christmas. It’s a reminder that even amidst the chaos and commercialism, the true spirit of the season lies in the simple joys of togetherness and the unwavering faith in a little bit of holiday magic.

A Christmas Story, The Musical is the perfect antidote to holiday stress. Go see it before it ends it’s Los Angeles run on December 31, 2023, Get your tickets HERE.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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