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Today is Earth Day 2011, a day to celebrate and appreciate our beautiful earth and make a conscious effort to be cleaner, greener and good to our planet. This year’s theme is A Billion Acts of Green, personal, organizational and corporate pledges focused on living and acting sustainably and measurably reducing our carbon footprint. The goal is to register one billion green actions in advance of the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012. How wonderful is that? It shows how all of our small efforts can make a big difference!

I was recently chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Aveeno and part of my commitment to Aveeno in accepting this role, was to share their various green initiatives, programs and products with my readers. I am excited to tell you about a wonderful program that Aveeno just launched called BE AN ACTIVE NATURAL which emphasizes how taking small steps towards living greener and more sustainable lives can make a BIG difference. Aveeno believes that ‘Beautiful Change Starts with a Single Step’ and I just love the idea that my small individual efforts can make our planet a more beautiful place.

I love the fun statement making pop-up forest that Aveeno created in the middle of Times Square to kick off this campaign, what do you think?

So the whole Be An Active Natural program is all about encouraging people like us to make small changes that positively impact the environment. At the Brand Ambassador launch event in February, I made a pledge to Aveeno that I was going to make a conscious effort to shop locally and support local farmers and businesses. To me, this means shopping at local farmers markets and locally owned stores whenever possible as well as making an effort to discover local beauty brands and SoCal made products that I can share with you. What kind of small changes are you willing to make in honor of Earth Day?

To encourage you to continue to make greener choices throughout the year, Aveeno has partnered with Recyclebank and created a Be An Active Natural Monthly Pledge on Aveeno’s Facebook Page. Basically, you can visit this page monthly and sign-up for various green pledges, share it with your community and earn different levels of points (depending on how green you wanna be) that you can redeem for awards on for product samples, coupons, discounts and eco-friendly goodies. 

So Green Goddess, Whatcha waiting for?? It’s Earth Day, Go Get your Green On and pledge to make a difference HERE.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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