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A couple of years ago, I connected with the uber fab Kathy Duliakas, event planner extraordinaire (one of her many talents) and she and I hit it off so well that she has made a point of extending a personal invite to her Oscar’s party and gifting suite every year. And this year, she out did herself and I was honored to be invited to such a classy, fun worthwhile event.

One of the things that made this year’s event so special was that Kathy partnered with Pajama Program’s 1 Million Good Nights campaign which was created to collect and distribute one million new pajamas and new books to children in need by December 2015. Carter’s partnered with the Pajama Program and Kathy’s Suite and agreed to donate a new pair of pajamas for every celebrity who attended the event as well as up to 1,000 additional new pairs of pajamas for every celebrity’s social media post about the event, sponsors and/or charity. I LOVE seeing social media and celebrity used for GOOD!

Kathy summed up this meaningful component of her suite best by saying, “Around Award Season, we all get caught up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but it’s very important we remember there are those in need. It’s heartwarming to see the overwhelming support that I’ve received from the celebrities who attended my event. With their powerful reach across all social media platforms – we were successful in brightening the lives of many young children across the U.S.”

Beyond the the altruistic mission of this event, Kathy’s Suite was designed to showcase a variety of lifestyle brands and connect them with influential media and celebrities during awards season. This years event was co-hosted by Maleku Jewelry and presented by ZENSATION and offered an array of fabulous jewelry, fashion, handbags, luxury beauty products, sweets and tasty cocktails. Following are some of my favorite new brand discoveries from Kathy’s Suite 2014:

Twisted Silver Jewelry was my favorite discovery of the suite! It’s a fabulous indie jewelry line designed with earthy base metals, recycled, found objects, and vintage treasures and I instantly fell in love with the line and it’s super cool artsy founder Debra Mitchell. The jewelry is incredibly cool, unique, statement making and very affordable. The designs totally resonate with me and it’s definitely a new fav!

KD Twisted Silver

BAM Bags was definitely another favorite fashionably unique discovery at the suite. BAM Bags the original ZIPPURSE was the brain child of Beth A. Metsch, a former NYC based architect. ZIPPURSE is a chic and unique bag made out of one high strength continuous zipper. These bags are fun and functional, come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and I think they are total show stoppers!


Another fun product I discovered was DropShades, sound reactive rechargeable LED glasses. It’s a super fun novel concept created by two young techie hipsters. Basically, you wear these fun, light-up glasses to a nightclub or party and the lights pulse to the beat of the music. Fun fun fun! And my music loving 10 year old snatched them right out of my hands when I go home.

KD Drop Shades

Another innovative brand that I discovered at the Suite was Aroma Sense, manufacturers of Vitamin C Aromatherapy Shower Heads. This wickedly cool product is a shower head that releases Vitamin C nutrients during your shower which in turn facilitates healthier skin and smoother hair. What an inspired product especially for this spa-addict beauty junkie!

I also was delighted to discover the uber sweet (no pun intended) Ze Chocolate Lady and sample an assortment of her beautiful-to-look-at, even-better-to-eat handmade artisanal chocolates

KD Ze Chocolate
And last but not least, I bumped into a couple of brands that I adore and have written about before like ISO Beauty to see their latest chic and stylish hot hairstyling tools like these fab Super Spectrum Pro Limited Flatirons

ISO Flatirons

As well as one of my all time favorite LA handmade body and skincare line’s Herban Body Care. Their products are handcrafted, locally made and are a slice of heaven. Their Salted Butter Scrub in Sweet Ginger is an all time fav!

KD Herban

Disclosure: I was fortunate enough to be gifted an assortment of products from the brands mentioned above, but all opinions and passions are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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