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eye close upAs I have previously mentioned, I never seem to get enough sleep these days and therefore I am constantly on a quest for products that can help me look refreshed and well rested (and when I do, I thank my lucky stars that there are actually beauty products that exist that can transform my life!)Recently, I was delighted to learn about a brand new company and product line called First Aid Beauty (FAB–gotta love this acronym :-)) created by Lilli Gordon (formerly a partner of Fresh–a longtime favorite beauty product line of mine). This new line of products debuted at Cosmoprof North America in the coveted Discover Beauty Area and is officially launching today on Sephora’s website.


I actually read about FAB’s Detox Eye Roller in a pre-conference press release and was so excited about this product, that I couldn’t wait the few weeks until Cosmoprof to try it, so I contacted the company and they were kind enough to indulge this beauty junkie’s obsession before the conference. And to my pleasant surprise, this innovative new beauty treat delivered on all its promises—to ease the unsightly blue color under the eyes, to recapture lost volume in the under-eye area, to reduce fine lines, and to reverse the dreaded under-eye puffiness.


Sound to good to be true? I felt the same way and my true test of an eye product’s efficacy is to use it first thing in the morning, when I catch a glimpse of my swollen, tired-looking-cat eyes. So here goes nothing, first I roll on the product back and forth underneath one of my eyes (to do a comparision with the other eye) and I instantly love the slightly cold feeling of the metal roller ball on my sleepy eye–cool and refreshing, I likie! And it immediately feels fresh and hydrated and then I notice the tiny iridescent crystals in the bottle, which I know can only help my cause. And I kid you not, after only a minute or two, my treated eye looks perky, awake, moist, less puffy and less shadowy compared to its half asleep partner. I am a happy camper, my dreams are coming true and I quicky apply this inspired product to my other eye. Now I am ready to start my day!


So what’s the story behind this great new product line? Here’s the scoop: all of the FAB products cater to sensitive skin, utilize only the most essential scientific and botanical ingredients, are free of harsh irritants like parabens and are infused with a proprietary antioxdiant booster. The Detox Eye Roller specifically contains caffeine to help decrease dark circles, hyaluronate which helps hydrate the undereye area, peptides to diminish fine lines and a roller ball applicator which mobilizes trapped lymph to reverse swelling (and feels ridiculously good first thing in the morning). These well thought out ingredients result in an intriguing and effective detox trifecta!


And for all of you recessionistas, this wonderful product is affordably priced at about twenty bucks and you can buy it as of today online at Sephora


I hope you are able to give this new product a ‘roll’–I know it will be eye opening! Please post and tell me what you think or share your fav wake-up-the-tired looking eyes product.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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