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Ultra Light Cleansing Oil - 4.5 oz

I’m always excited when prestige beauty products make their way into the mass category, and the newest example of that is Neutrogena’s New Ultra Light Cleansing Oil ($8.99) While cleansing oils have been used and loved in Asia for a long time, their widespread appeal has been much less ubiquitous in the US. Cleansing your face with oil is actually a timeless beauty ritual that has been used for centuries to achieve clean, makeup-free skin. I remember many years ago when Shisedo’s face cleansing oil was all the rage among beauty insiders and celebs, but they were not very appealing or prevalent among most beauty consumers. Putting oil on your face was a big no-no back then!

Today’s cleansing oils are extremely thorough, gentle and nourishing on your face, and they typically leave your skin soft and healthy. Because some of the most stubborn impurities on our faces are oil-based like makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and excess oil, cleansing oils act like a magnet and use good oils to attract and extract the bad oils out of your skin. But the best part is that they do not leave your skin oily or greasy, just soft clean and healthy!

Neutrogena’s new cleansing oil does all of these things and more to completely clean your skin and remove makeup, even waterproof mascara, with no greasy residue. This Oil Cleanser is incredibly lightweight and effortlessly cleans out the impurities and leaves your skin soft, moist and supple. What I love most about Neutrogena’s Cleansing oil is the yummy light fruity floral scent, how it leaves my skin clean and soft and especially that it rivals the spendy prestige cleansing oils that cost alot more.

So for under $10, what are you waiting for? You can find Neutrogena’s New Ultra Light Cleansing Oil online or at your mass retailer or pharmacy.

Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Neutrogena and have insider access to the latest from the brand, however all opinions are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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