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I don’t know about you, but I am always conflicted on Mother’s Day about how to best spend it: “Is this my day, a day of celebrating motherhood as I wish with my own family?” or “Is it it the day to focus on and celebrate my own mother?” Can you relate? It’s a tough choice no matter how you slice it. So this year, I came up with an inspired way to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and make it really special without impacting my special day thanks to Burke Williams!

During a recent visit to my local Burke Williams in Sherman Oaks, I noticed that they were offering a fabulous Mother/Daughter Special Package in honor of Mother’s Day and suddenly a light bulb went off in my head: I would invite my mom to come up from Palm Springs and share a special spa day with me at Burke Williams, a week before mother’s day (show mom a slice of my beauty bloggin’ life :-)) My mom was more than delighted by this special invitation!

Here’s what the Special Mother/Daughter Experience Gift Card includes:

  • Both Mother & Daughter each receive a pampering Spa Pedicure
  • Each also has her choice of  either a 50-minute Burke Williams Massage or Spa Style Facial with a peel
  • Use of all spa facilities
  • Relaxation and Mother/Daughter bonding time
  • Cost: $275 (valued at $360) and a priceless experience together
  • This special gift card package is available for purchase until Mother’s Day May 13, 2012, but you can use it whenever you would like at your convenience

Now, let me tell you all about the fabulous day I shared with my mom and why we have decided to make it an annual tradition! My mom was like a giddy school girl as we arrived at Burke Williams because we were spending this special time together and she hasn’t been to a spa in years

Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly and whisked back to the gorgeous, serene and relaxing Women’s Spa. I did note the pleasant music that was playing in the background as well as a calming signature scent (lavender with a hint of citrus I think) that they had wafting throughout the spa (I love when spa’s have this added touch because I really think it anchors the experience in your memory.) We immediately changed into our yummy & snuggly oversized robes

And we started our treatments right off the bat. We both opted for massages, although I decided to upgrade to the deep tissue massage because I carry so much tension in my neck and shoulders (computer work will do that to you) that a relaxing massage doesn’t do the trick. We both LOVED our male masseuses! My mom said her massage was perfect and sooooo relaxing and my masseuse (Michael) had the most amazing strong hands, he got into every one of my knots and went consistently deep enough to get rid of my tension (which is no easy task!) This was truly one of the best massages I have ever had, he had the perfect touch and it paved the way for an uber relaxing day. In all honesty, I usually have low expectations when it comes to spa massages and this one truly blew me away!

After we were kneaded into mush by our fab masseuses, my mom and I enjoyed some relaxing time in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. The Women’s spa is so clean (I noted that someone was always cleaning up the space in some way & I liked that) and beautiful we just loved it. I also noted and appreciated that there were attendants constantly on hand to attend to our every need. After we were steamed and relaxed, we headed to the quiet room for some further unwinding. My mom fell asleep and I was engrossed in Fifty Shades of Grey (steamy & FAB). I totally chilled out and read for about 45 minutes in the serene quiet room and my mom ordered a lovely lunch which they coordinated for her.

After being at Burke Williams for about 2 hours, I was like jello and smiled to myself about the fabulous day I created to share with my mom. Our final phase of the day was getting our deluxe spa pedicures. I snuggled into my fabulous massaging spa chair with my book

And had the most thorough, detailed and relaxing pedicure with the lovely and talented Rosario. She is a seasoned pro and took her time at every step of the pedicure making sure every detail was just right. She gave a great leg and foot massage too and topped it off with warm paraffin, love that! And then she indulged this beauty junkie by testing out her new chic nail stickers on my toes, blingy and fun, right? Look how fab they came out

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so we freshened up and pulled ourselves together. My mom was so grateful for our special day together that she asked if we could come back every year!

Overall, I was beyond impressed with Burke Williams and would recommend visiting one of their spas wholeheartedly. The Mother’s Day Package is a great deal and you might want to consider getting this Gift Card Now, to either share with your mom or one of your besties.

I must confess that Burke Williams was one of those spas that I went to many years ago and was never overly impressed with their services. Well, I haven’t been back until recently, and honestly I must say that I think their services and technicians are top notch, they have kept up with the times and innovations and they rival some of the best spas that I have ever been to!

Live in California? Click HERE to find a Burke Williams location near you

Disclosure: Burke Williams invited my mother and I into their spa to experience their special mother’s day package for editorial consideration. All opinions, blissful state of mind and rockin’ toes are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. karen pingitore says:

    That looks so enjoyable…glad you guys did that together…

  2. Too bad two of my children live far away. They miss me alot and wish they could spend this “special’ day with me. My third child has just graduated Nursing School. That was my ‘special’ gift, which no money can buy.

    Happy for you and your Mom!!!


  3. Steve Rive says:

    Marsha keeps getting more “happy” in her life and it’s great. She looks 20 years younger now then she did a year ago. Where is that fountain of youth she has been drinking from?

  4. Adrienne Pearl says:

    Way-To-Go ROMY

    SOooooooo please to hear all about you & your exciting work .
    You & your family should be very PROUD – OF – You.

    Shalom with a hug,

  5. Queen Mom Michelle says:

    So glad you and your mom shared tis. She deserved it and it was so special she could do it with yo.

  6. Brenda Terry says:

    What a great idea! I’m glad you had some quality time together…it really is the best present! See you in a month…

  7. What a wonderful experience. Marcia and I so happy for you. It is not often that adult kids take the time to spend quality time with their parents.
    Love, Irving

  8. aunt naomi says:

    looks like you both had a great day!!!
    What a blessing!!

    Thanx for sharing.

  9. aunt naomi says:

    Awesome!!!! Itlooks like mom really loved it. Good idea!!!

    Happy MOther’s day,

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