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Sometimes I feel compelled to write a posts that really have impact, make you think and help you to change your lives in a positive ways, this is one of those posts. I was recently invited to an eye opening luncheon hosted by Jessica Gottlieb and MyInfoGuardian. The purpose of this lunch was to inform a group of very influential bloggers about the importance of protecting our online privacy and enlighten us about what a growing problem this is, especially for those of us in social media who live our lives very publicly online. While indulging on a divine meal and exquisite bubbly at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, I got a good dose of reality and how easy it is for someone to access my personal information online if they really want to.

Here”s the scoop: Anytime you do anything publicly online or with a government agency (like register to vote or school registration for example), your personal information becomes public property. People search sites have made a business out of using all these online sources to access, publish and sell your personal information without your knowledge. Basically, the sole purpose of these companies is to make money by publishing your personal information on the Internet and they will sell your personal information to any buyer without your permission and it”s all legal! They often know your name, address, date of birth, personal finances, place of employment and much more. Once someone has access to all of your personal information, it makes tracking you and your family down rather easy. And the more exposed your information is on people search sites, the greater the risk for you and your family.

Allow me to introduce you to MyInfoGuardian, a service that helps protect your privacy and can put your fears at ease because they continually track down and remove your personal information from people search sites. They casino online france search all of the sites to find your personal information, remove it and continuously monitor the sites on your behalf. The seasoned trained professionals at MyInfoGuardian are experts in cybersecurity and personal and private security, so basically they know this niche very well and are extremely diligent in their work. The sole mission of this service is give people like us control over our personal information and deciding who has access to it and who doesn”t.

How does MyInfoGuardian work? They let you see for free how many sites sell your information, and then after you subscribe, with one click, they remove your information from these sites (this would take you hours or days to do it on your own.) And they even remove it again if it comes back on these sites or appears on new site. MyInfoGuardian offers affordable plans for individuals as well as families and gift programs too.

It is certainly not pleasant to think about your privacy being at risk, in fact I found it all rather unnerving, but it is important for you to take matters into your own hands and control who has access to your private information, and MyInfoGuardian is an easy and affordable way to do it. I hope you will give this some thought and and consider protecting you and family in the future.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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