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Christmas is less than a week away, and I know many of you are still doing last minute shopping, so here’s another fun and inspired gift guide for that special fashionista in you life.

Model Mirror This mirror is totally adorable and fab! The Model Mirror is a Hollywood style compact makeup touch-up mirror with 8 mini LED lights that mimic backstage lighting and allow you to touch up your makeup anywhere with less than optimal lighting. The Model Mirror features 2X magnification, natural LED lights, and a drawstring pouch/polishing cloth. I just love the cheeky Excuse Moi Style, which pokes fun at doing your makeup in public.  I’m ready for my close-up!

Twittens I totally dig this lovey, dovey inspired mitten product that was designed so that you can hold your sweethearts hand during the cold winter months, awww shucks! Twitten also makes Texting Mittens that keep your hands warm but allow your fingers to sneak out for texting in the cold, what a great idea! All Twitten products are fair trade and handmade in Peru by artisans whose work supports and sustains traditional communities, and 20% of all profits go to The Bodhi Fund which supports New Mexico families whose children are in desperate need of out-of-state cancer treatment. Fun, fashionable, functional and meaningful!



Dreamer Safari Sleep Mask Whenever I travel, I always like to be prepared for any sleeping situation, and the best way that I can ensure a good nights sleep is by traveling with a comfortable eye mask and ear plugs. I recently discovered the jungle chic Dreamer Safari Sleep Mask and instantly fell in love! This mask is the most comfortable sleep mask that I have ever tried. It is perfectly plush, soft and the head strap is made with Comfort Snug technology, a revolutionary, ultra thin, adjustable harness that puts minimal pressure on your head. This mask is also a 100% Light Blocking, comes in super cute designs (safari with the green and brown zebra stripes is my fav) and also comes with a state-of-the-art set of earplugs. Nightie, Night!

Yogahitch This is the perfect functional and fashionable accessory for all of you yoganistas! Yogahitch is a hip and practical way to bring your mat to and from your yoga class. But what makes it even better, is that it can also be used as your towel, to assist with stretching, to prevent slipping on your mat and can even be used as a scarf! Now that’s Namaste-astic!

Soho Cases I just love these modern, hip cases for storing your makeup and other goodies. They are super sturdy, affordable and look totally cute in your bathroom! And the best part, you can find them at Target and Walmart.

Zazz Shower Cap Isn’t this the most fab retro chic shower cap you have ever seen?! Who knew that not washing your hair could look so cute! This glamorous shower cap was designed for women who want both function and to look fab in their shower cap. The stylish designs and waterproof fabric make this shower cap the new fashion accessory for your bathroom. I just adore the Decadent Black Gold Style!

Yolanda Jo Earrings Whenever I wear my long, fabulous, flowy, YoJo earrings, I feel like a million bucks! People always stop and compliment me when I am wearing them–they definitely stand out in a crowd. I just know that the fashionista in your life is bound to love this inpsired accessory too! The Yolanda Jo collection consists of fun color textured leathers, plush feathers, precious stones, unique paint splat designs and all are sure to get a girl noticed! 

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Wilma Todeschi says:

    Sleep masks can really help me and it also makes the quality of my sleep even better. i really love sleep masks. ;`..*

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  2. when we met IRL you were wearing those beautiful peacock earrings, I love them! 🙂 That moder mirror is definitely a must-have. Lighted mirror on the go?! What more could one want honestly… [[hehe the Twittens are too cute]]

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