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It is such a treat to get invited to try out some of the best and brightest salons in LA and every once in a while, lightening strikes and you think to yourself “this is such a fabulous salon, it feels like home and I want to come back to again and again” and for me Byu-ti Hair Therapy Salon in Santa Monica and Andi Scarbrough are that winning combo for me!

Byu-ti (pronounced “beauty” BTW) are two Los Angeles based hair salons created by hairstylist Natasha Sunshine that specialize in hair styling, cutting, coloring, relaxing, extensions and hair products with locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood, California. Not only is Byu-ti Pureology’s Flagship West Coast Salon (this is an AMAZING hair nurturing & color preserving line), but Natasha has also has created a fabulous line of her own, with Bio-Niu healthy hair vitamins (which help hair grow up to twice as fast as it would on it’s own) being her hero product.

What set’s Byu-ti apart from other LA salons is that it has a wonderful down to earth vibe (many LA salons can be uber pretentious) and most significantly it’s 6-Step Consulting System. Natasha created this more in-depth stylist consultative approach to assist her staff in finding out exactly what the client’s needs are and then using that information to educate the client about how to take care of their hair outside of the salon. They provide insights and recommendations on services that are best for your hair, in-salon treatments, home care, a healthy hair diet and supplements.

And probably my most favorite unique service that sets Byu-ti apart from other salons is their Custom Blended Repairative Hair Treatments called Byu-ti Blenders. A Blender is a combination of specially formulated hair oils that is combined with a deep conditioner and is custom blended on-the-spot to treat whatever issues your hair is having and bring it back to life. Their are six blender formulations that include shine, thickener, protein rebuilder, smoother, over-processed and oily and the stylist selects up to two blenders based on what your hair needs. After your custom blender is applied, you sit under this hi tech steam dryer that produces a nice steam to help your blender penetrate into your hair for ten minutes and then at the very end of the steam treatment there is a cold blast of steam to seal the cuticle. So modern and space aged, love it!

I know I look sexy, right???

And now let me introduce you to the uber fab, talented, cool and super seasoned stylist Andi Scarbrough (who was just recently crowned as a Managing Partner of Byu-ti :-))

Andi is one of those women you fall in love with immediately, cause she’s so REAL, experienced and honest. I trusted her right off the bat and totally knew I was in the hands of a seasoned pro. I had an appointment with Andi right before I was about to get hair extensions for the first time, I scheduled my color first and then another visit with her after my extensions were put in for a haircut. She took the time to discuss my needs, asses the condition of my hair (pretty good according to her and lots of new growth thanks to my beloved Viviscal), to discuss products and what type of color I was looking for. Sight unseen, I told her my extensions were a combo of rich brown with a light caramel highlight color and she totally got it and said if we need to tweak the color once the extensions are in, no problem (of course we didn’t need to, the colors were a perfect match!)

While Andi applied my color, we also had a profound discussion about overall hair care. I told her that my hair was not as shiny and radiant as it usually is and she asked what products I was using on my hair, and I told her alot of different things. Then came the ‘AHA’ moment! She said that because I am a beauty editor and am constantly testing products my hair get confused and I need a few baseline hair care products to use weekly (like a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner) that brings my hair back to life. I do this with skincare, right? I have a few products that calm and heal my skin, so why not with hair care? Well, I have NEVER thought of that and was blown away by this insight. And it has made a tremendous difference in my hair BTW. Brilliant!

So not only was the color FAB and perfect match, but the follow-up haircut post extensions did not disappoint

And I am actually headed back to her today, for a base color and can’t wait to hear what nuggets of hair wisdom she has for me this time and the next time and the next time . . . . And Andi is now my go-to stylist in between editorial salon visits because there’s no place like home!

Byu-ti Hair Therapy | 510 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90401 | 310 587 2207 

Disclosure: Byu-ti invited to visit their Santa Monica Salon for a color, cut & a blender for editorial consideration. All opinions and gorgeous locks are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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