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As many of you know, this year I became a Brand Ambassador for Cover FX and I am pretty psyched about it! I chose to partner with this fabulous under the radar brand because they are all about giving women beautiful even complexions with their wide shade range and variety of innovative coverage makeup products. Which brings me to today’s post, I can barely contain myself about how excited I am to tell you all about Cover FX’s brilliant new brainchild Custom Cover Drops!

Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops ($44) are concentrated pure pigment drops that allow you to customize any product in your beauty regimen by adding them to your favorite skincare product. This product allows you to have total control over the level of coverage you desire. It’s so simple – all that you do is add your preferred number of Custom Cover Drops to your favorite product based on the level of coverage you desire from sheer to full coverage. And viola, you have your own customized product that works with you skin type and coverage preferences. To further add to it’s appeal, CCD come in 24 shades ranging from very light to very dark and ethnic skintones.

And it gets even better – Custom Cover Drops can be mixed with anything liquid like moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, foundations and tinted moisturizers. These revolutionary drops feature Cover FX’s Flash Fusion Technology which means that as soon as you drop the pigment into your product, the solution ‘flashes off’ leaving behind pure pigment which allows it to weightlessly transforming your favorite beauty product in the palm of your hand. These innovative pigments are coated with lecithin, which is biochemically similar to the skin, and that’s the secret sauce that allows it to blend so easily with your product.

Cover FX CCD & Oil

So since you all know how obsessed I am with face oils, I had to put CCD to the test and see if these amazing sounding drops would easily combine with one of my fav face oils. So I seized the #dropportunity (clever hashtag don’t ya think? 🙂 ) and put a couple drops of face oil in the palm of my hand and then added a couple Custom Cover Drops.

Cover FX Oil & CCD Droppers

And to my pleasant surprise, the pigment combined absolutely beautifully with my face oil giving my dry skin the luminous supple glow and moisture that I desire with a moderate amount of coverage. These revolutionary drops of pure pigment, give you an amazing #dropportunity to control your ideal level coverage with one drop for sheer coverage to four drops for total coverage or anywhere in between. There is a bit of a learning curve to getting the right balance of drops and product, but after a few tries I figured it out.

Cover FX My Trio

As I began to play with these drops, I came up with a fabulous Custom Coverage Skincare Cocktail that my skin absolutely LOVES! My CCD Cocktail is as follows: a pea sized drop of Cover FX’s Anti-Aging Primer (super smoothing, soothing and repairative), two drops of my face oil serum and one and a half Custom Cover Drops in my shade N30. Here’s how my skin looks with this perfect combination of products (this is natural light, no filters)

Cover FX CCD Romy Crown

Whatdaya think? Kind of amazing right?! It’s just so perfect on my skin and it works so well because I am pairing it with products that my skin already loves and does well with.

Here’s yet another benefit of Custom Cover Drops, you can buy them in a shade or two deeper in order to better match your skintone during the summertime. You can also use it to darken and customize your year round coverage product, so you don’t need to buy a new color which also saves you money. So for example, my perfect match CCD shade is N30 but I also have N40, so during the summer I can mix it with Cover FX’s CC Cream in N Medium to transition me to a more golden hue during the months where I get more sun exposure. LOVE!

Cover FX CC Cream & Drops

Needless to say, I’m kinda smitten with Custom Cover Drops! If I’ve peaked your interest and enticed you to check it out, I’ve got a special offer for Romy Raves readers: Go to the Cover FX website, select your Custom Cover Drops shade and use code ‘DROPLOVE‘ to get 50% off any Cover FX primer of your choice when you purchase a Custom Cover Drops. But don’t wait too long, these amazing drops are selling like hotcakes and this special offer is only valid through March 31, 2015.

One final note: I’d LOVE for you to join me for an all things Custom Cover Drops Twitter Party, this coming Tuesday, March 17, 20115 at 3pm ET/12pm PT use hashtag #dropportunity to join the conversation, learn more about this new innovative product and ask us questions. You won’t want to miss it because I will be giving away three fabulous prize sets throughout the party: 2 actively engaged participants will win duos of a Custom Cover Drops in their preferred shade plus a travel-size of Cover FX’s amazeballs Mattifying Primer and 1 participant will win the Grand Prize which also includes a Custom Cover Drops/Mattifying Primer duo plus Cover FX’s must have Liquid Foundation Brush (Grand Prize valued at almost $100!)

Make sure to follow Cover FX on Twitter to eligible to win prizes during the Twitter Party! I also encourage you to follow Cover FX on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Google+ to keep up with all of their fabulous innovations & inspirations.

Seize the #dropportunity and join us to a win Custom Cover Drops of your very own!

Cover FX Twitter Party Invite

Disclosure: I am a paid Brand Ambassador for Cover FX. However, my passion for the brand is why I chose to work with them in the first place and all opinions are my own.


Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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