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For the last ten years or so, I’ve had a weekly ritual that every Sunday night is my pampering night. With few exceptions, every Sunday after my son goes down to sleep, I spend a couple of hours indulging myself in beauty treatments. I always do some sort of face exfoliation, a face mask, a hair mask and sometimes a big yummy bath with intoxicating oils that relax and transport me. Whether it’s one treatment or five, I always make sure I get some ‘me’ time on Sunday nights to unwind and prep for the upcoming week.

So that you can partake in a DIY Spa Ritual of your own, I have created a list of some of my favorite homespun spa treatments and rituals that you can easily do yourself at home. Take a look at my list, see what inspires you and share some of your DIY spa rituals and beauty routines too!


  • Make sure to carve out a regular weekly or monthly time slot to pamper and indulge yourself, you won’t regret it!
  • Start with an aromatherapy or a detox bath. I love using the refreshing yet relaxing combo of orange and lavender essential oils in my bath, ahhhh! And, when I want to detox, I use a minty essential oil of some sort and a few cups of Epsom salt to pull out the impurities
      • After your skin is soft and warmed up, it’s time to break out those loofah gloves baby! You can find them at your local drug store
      • When I get out of the bath and my skin is moist, I love to spritz my skin with a hydrating cocktail of water mixed with a few drops of my favorite fragrance or essential oil to keep my skin supple and smelling yummy
      • Make sure to put on an oversized soft and snuggly robe, so that you can truly emulate that at-home spa experience
  • Create the perfect canvas for product absorption with regular exfoliation. I always make sure to exfoliate my face on my pampering nights with either a microderm scrub, an enzyme scrub, or a peel
      • Sometimes I add a lip scrub into the mix (you can easily make one by combining brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon & oil) or use a dry toothbrush on your lips
  • I follow-up my face scrub with whatever type of mask my skin needs, which usually is a hydration mask of some sort
      • There are so many great recipes online to guide you through how to create your own fresh masks at home or visit your neighborhood drugstore for effective and affordable options
      • While my mask is doing it’s thing, I like treat my eyes with sliced cucumbers to reduce puffiness or just a fun mask to block out the light

  • Let’s not forget about the hair! After washing my hair with a purifying shampoo to remove build-up (you can use a white vinegar rinse in lieu of a clarifying shampoo) & bring it back to life with a rich, hydrating deep conditioner
      • Here’s my favorite little at-home trick for kicking up my hair mask: Get a bath towel wet with water, squeeze out the excess, add a couple drops of your fav essential oil (I love lemongrass), microwave the towel for a minute or two until it is nice and steamy and wrap around your hair for an amazeballs deep conditioning treatment = Nirvana!
  • Make sure to carve out at least thirty minutes plus, to treat yourself to a lovely spa ritual. Take note of what this indulgence does for your mood, not to mention your skin and hair

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Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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