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I am one of those gals who likes to have a secret weapon cream, one of those magical little potions in my beauty drawer that does it all when your skin is sensitive, hurt, swollen, sunburned, irritated etc. I like the idea of having this one stop shop go-to-cream in emergencies, and I especially like it when I can even use it on my 5 year old son’s uber-sensitive gorgeous little face. Thanks to SkinAgain, I have found a couple wonderful products that are now my go to instant fix when my skin is irritated in any way.

SkinAgain’s Relief Cream ($28) has recently become one of my beauty healing secrets! I love it! It is my go to staple for all of my skin annoyances and irritations. It is a cream made of peptides and extracts like aloe vera, squalene, seaweed algae, chamomile, green tea, calendula, burdock root and grape seed oil. No matter what skin aliment I have, I turn to this wondrous little first aid cream and it makes my boo-boo’s go bye-bye. My son even refers to it as ‘Mommy’s Magic Cream’ and recently while we were on a tropical vacation, he got a little too much sun everyday, and this beautiful unction gently soothed his skin every night with no side effects (yippee!) and it was back to normal the next day.

What does this fantastic cream do? It refreshes, heals, relieves laser and razor burns, cools and soothes sunburn, calms irritations like rashes, heals dermatitis, reduces wrinkles, and rejuvenates skin by increasing collagen production–that’s a mouthful of good claims! The Relief Cream is especially good for helping to heal burns, relieve pain, calm inflammation, reduce redness and irritation and lessen blistering and scarring (yes, I can totally vouch for that!). In addition, this cream also helps diminish the signs of aging, increases collagen production, reduces surface roughness, and minimizes the formation of lines and wrinkles–it does all this goodness and is very affordably priced BTW.

And now SkinAgain has made a good thing EVEN better with their Rescue Cream ($32), a healing cream that specifically focuses on the intense healing of all types of burns and post treatment issues. The Rescue Cream is designed to soothe any discomfort arising from cosmetic procedures (including hair removal) and sunburn to post radiation. Rescue helps recovery while nourishing the skin – to ensure a soft, supple and healthy appearance. This unique formula also provides soothing relief from minor cuts and scrapes. In my opinion, this product allows you to take the power of cosmeceuticals right into your own hands (healing yourself and saving $$)—Love that!

So if you are in need of a good heal, I am sure you can see the appeal of this great new product. Add one of these babies to your beauty arsenal and I bet it will become your secret weapon in no time. Please post your beauty secret weapons too, I always love hearing from you!



Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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