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Do you constantly feel like you are chasing down the clock? Do you feel that even with 10-12 hours in a day, you never have the time to get it all done? Do you often feel unproductive and like you don’t spend your time wisely? If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to my world! One of the big challenges with being a consultant and working from home is staying motivated and allocating your time effectively, and I constantly struggle with this. I grapple with what to put first, what to prioritize and how not to get distracted from them important ‘to do’s’, which coincidentally are often the hardest tasks and the ones I tend to avoid. Sound familiar??

Take working out/going to the gym for example (something I truly enjoy and feel so much better after doing), I so want to do it in my head but when I wake up in the morning the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, so I push it back until the end of the day, and of course frequently don’t make it. Then I feel like crap and am not motivated to do the other things on my list and then the day gets away from me.

And then there are other days where I can conquer the world, when I wake up early, workout, run errands, catch up on my to do’s, work/write an article and still have time to spare. So I wonder to myself, what is happening on those days where I get it all done and feel like time is on my side?? What is the secret sauce to having more days like this I wonder to myself? And then it hits me, on those productive days, I don’t fight with time and don’t put out that energy to the universe that I don’t have enough time, I just do it. I do what I have to do with no resistance or overthinking, I just ‘go with the flow’ and miraculously I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME! It is a simple and easy shift, yet so challenging to execute. As much as I cling to and am overwhelmed by my ‘To Do’ lists, its time for me to let go and let it flow.

Let’s start a dialogue going about our relationships with time, how you manage it and share tips and challenges with others, but do it now because the clock is ticking.

Queen of Timelessness

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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