Frizz Free: You can thank the techie geeks at MIT

Frizzy hair is the bane of my existence. If I don’t have my hair professionally blown dry or get a Brazilian Blowout (I am a huge fan of this BTW), the slightest bit of moisture can ruin my day. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t have the solid half an hour that it takes to get my hair bone dry, smooth or as straight as I would like it to be, and even using the best and spendiest silicone or dimethicone smoothing products, I still end up with the frizzies, boo hoo 🙁


That was my sob story until I recently discovered an innovative new anti-frizz product that has made a world of difference. Let me introduce you to

Straight Making No Frizz Styling Cream  by Living Proof. This inspired velvety cream addresses the two causes of frizz—humidity and friction (rather than masking frizz like other products do). It provides a superior, extremely thin humidity barrier on hair, while reducing surface friction. Â


The secret ingredient that makes all this defuzzing possible is called PolyfluoroEster which is based on an entirely new set of molecules that has not been used in the hair industry. This new product was created by a team of MIT scientists who work outside of the beauty industry which gave them a fresh perspective and allowed them to come up with new solutions to combat frizz, and in my opinion they have done a bang up job.


I am not a cosmetic chemist, but I am a voracious beauty consumer who has tried it all, and all I know is that this stuff really works. After I squeeze out a quarter size dollop of this magic cream and spread it evenly throughout my hair (I use the medium to thick version, but they have a version for fine hair), my hair comes out much sleeker and smoother than it does with other anti-frizz products. And it feels different too, it has a softer smoother feeling texture that I really like. To me, it has that fresh, bouncy ‘I-just-had-my-hair-colored-feeling’ and it looks shinier too. Whatever technology is behind this super smoother, I likee and I think you will too. It’s less than a professional blowdry and it looks almost as good.  Let’s hear it for the nerds!


This just in:  The groundbreaking  innovation of this company is so impressive that they just secured another $9m for further product development. Obviously they are doing something very right!



  1. Evan thanks for posting a comment, I always appreciate it. This truly is a great product and costs between $14-24 depending on what size you buy, and while I think it is worth it, it could be a bit spendy for some. If No Frizz doesn’t fit your budget, try Secret Weapon by John Frieda, it magically gets rid of frizz and costs around six bucks 🙂

  2. ow, i have extremely frizzy hair and i cant wait to try this stuff! Hope its not too terribly expensive…


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