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cosmoprofThis weekend, I am heading to ‘Vegas Baby’ to attend Cosmoprof North America and I am very much looking forward to my virginal tour. This conference is the only all encompassing business-to-business beauty trade show in North America and particpants come to see the latest trends and innovations from all segments of the beauty industry.  To me (a self-professed beauty junkie), this sounds like Nirvana, and although I intend to cover every inch of this delicious show on my quest to find the latest beauty innovations, I am especially excited about some of the companies in the coveted Discover Beauty area. This special section of the show features a carefully edited selection of unique beauty brands who will unveil new and innovative products that currently have minimal presence in the US. As a beauty trend maven, this is what I live for!  Below is a glimpse of the some of the brands and products that I am most excited about:


Billion Dollar Brows

prod_img_babekit_brush_sqThis beauty maven is definitely brow challenged, so I am always on the hunt for products that enhance and help my brows come to life. Therefore, I am very intrigued by Billion Dollar Brows and the products that they offer to help me cope with my dilemma. I am especially interested in trying Brow Boost, a conditioning product that they claim can help your brows appear fuller by making your brow hairs look healthier-watch out Brooke Shields! Â


hissyfit_allproductsRR: Love the brand name, Hissyfit, it totally grabs this Diva’s attention, what’s the story behind it?


HF: Two Aussie girls (one a gold medal Olympian, the other a magazine editor) couldn’t find great wearing daily beauty products that offered the highest possible sun protection with a cosmetic feel so they threw a little ‘Hissyfit’ and created their own. Hissyfit’s motto: if your daily beauty products don’t deliver the 3-in-1 benefits of maximum protection sunscreen, anti-aging skincare and flawless cosmetic finish– then it’s time to throw a Hissyfit! Everything about Hissyfit is bold, bright and sassy, super smart products for super smart women (sounds like me :-)). As Valentino says: “Don’t trust mother nature darling, she’s way too busy…”


I just love the tone and ‘tude’ of this company and that alone makes me excited to try their products, although I am especially looking forward to trying Handy Work, their anti-aging hand cream with SPF 30, vitamin e, aloe, and orange and mint essential oils–yummy!


 Rodial’s Glam Product Line


 I am intrigued by Rodial’s Glam line of products (again its the product names that really attract me) because it is positioned as offering plastic surgery results without the surgery, quite a claim don’t ya think? I am excited to try Glam Balm because it is a one product does it all—firms and tones the skin, boosts collagen production, restores and repairs the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, restores elasticity and promotes healing of the skin, and fights skin conditions such as acne and eczema. I am skeptical about this kitchen sink approach, and I will have to see for myself if these snazzy claims deliver on their promise, but I am very excited to give it a whirl!


Skin 2 Skin


I am also interested in trying Skin 2 Skin’s Photoaging Repair Creambecause it is an award winning product that has Kinetin-N6, a natural plant extract that is proven to be effective in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This wonder cream is supposed to improve skin tone, texture, diminish the visible signs of freckles, brown spots and even out irregular skin tones. With continued use,  this cream will diminish the visible appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin roughness and you can expect to notice a difference in skin tone, texture and moisture retention in as little as 14 days. Sign me up!



tb_graygoneThe last product on my Cosmoprof Discover Beauty hit parade is TouchBack  a real, temporary hair color that you apply to dry hair with a marker-like applicator to cover-up your gray roots instantly. The color actually bonds to your hair so you can brush it without it flaking off, but it does wash out when you shampoo your hair. TouchBack stretches the time between colorings, and anything that saves money these days is music to this recessionista’s ears.


I hope this little teaser has wet your appetite for these innovative products as well as my other beauty discoveries still to come. Stay tuned for my exciting posts following Cosmoprof as I share my giddiness and newest discoveries with you–I can’t wait!


Also stay tuned for some fun summer time FREE beauty product giveaways and contests coming soon. You will have a chance to win some the great products that I review here on my blog–Check back soon!

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