Archives for May 2009

Ginger Kick My Ass–My New Favorite Summer Cocktail

Last night I had a spontaneous girls night out with one of my fav gal pal”s Mel, and since it seems harder and harder to get out these days (let alone going out less in an effort to save $$), we decided to hit a new hot spot. So we made our way to Street […]

Time: Do you have Too Much of it or Not Enough?

Do you constantly feel like you are chasing down the clock? Do you feel that even with 10-12 hours in a day, you never have the time to get it all done? Do you often feel unproductive and like you don’t spend your time wisely? If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome […]

How Does She Get That Special Sparkle in her Eyes?

Are you a night owl like me? Do you get your second wind around 11pm and then feel like you can conquer the world? Do you then pay the price for it the next morning by looking tired, swollen, raccoon-eyed? I do!! Last night for example, I was deep into my spring cleaning project (see […]

More Great Freebies

Aren’t you glad you came back for more of Romy’s Raves? I am!! As I promised yesterday, there are so many great freebies that I keep coming across these days and I am more than happy to share the wealth with my readers, Enjoy! Get Into Glen Ivy Hot Springs Free on your birthday You […]

Have you noticed anything positive about this down economy?

Recently, my amazing life coach asked me a version of the question I have used as my title for this blog, “What are the positive outcomes that you have noticed as a result of our strained economy?” I loved this question because it threw me for a loop–when I think to myself, “Hmmm. . . […]