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CONFESSION: I have taken a hiatus from regular and consistent exercise for over THREE months! Can you believe it? I can’t! That is just way too long of a break don’t you think? In all honesty, I actually enjoy exercise, I love breaking a sweat, purging and releasing my stress and toxins, being in an exercise groove, and oh yeah looking and feeling better, and being more fit and toned.

So what happened you ask? Well, at the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with some health issues (not to worry, I am fine now) and was under doctor’s orders to limit any strenuous physical activity, so because I am an all-or-nothing gal, I decided to take a break from my regular fitness regimen and stopped working out altogether. You see, at the time, I was taking a fabulous, but rather intense circuit training class about 3 times a week, I LOVED it and was just beginning to see  noticeable results when my limitations kicked in. So I cut it off completely, and now after so much time has elapsed, I am kinda intimidated to go back. Can you relate?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have walked and hiked periodically, and I actually just tried out a fun new dancer’s workout called Cardio Barre (you should see the beautiful bodies in this class, so inspiring) and bought a series, but I am also so ready to go back to my circuit class. But it’s gonna be hard! I am gonna poop out easily and of course it will take time to build back up my stamina and endurance. Case in point: my arm got fatigued holding this 5 pound weight to shoot this picture for this post, Oy!

I share my struggle candidly with you because I figure that I am not alone and that many of you can relate, although your challenges and obstacles might be different than mine. So I ask myself and you these thought provoking questions about health and fitness to help us all jump start our wellness plan: Why do you want to or need to workout? How does it make you feel? What are your primary obstacles to a regular fitness plan? What derails you? What do you hate about exercise? What would motivate you to exercise regularly? And stick to it?

For me, I want to workout regularly to release stress and toxins, to increase stamina and energy, to lose weight and get fit and keep myself youthful and vibrant. My primary obstacle is time and my secondary is that I have fallen off the wagon and it’s hard to get back on. And what gets in the way of me sticking to it is that I have any overly busy schedule and when I have too much to do, exercise is the first thing that I give up.

I actually would like to thank AVEENO for my current surge in motivation, because this series of posts that I have been writing for the past month has really inspired me to change my lifestyle and habits in so many beautiful and lasting ways. Getting back into a fitness groove is the next important step on my wellness journey, and I welcome inspiration wherever it comes.

Asante! To Your Health!

Make sure to come back next week for my last and final post in this inspiring series: Beautiful Change Challenge #6: Making A Difference In Your Community

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Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Romy,
    Love following your wellness journey! You continue to share great posts from the heart. Sometimes in life things pull us off course. As you move forward know that itis all a journey. Spring is a great time to re-prioritize what’s important to your health and vitality. Make a date with yourself to exercise. Put it on your calendar. Believe me, the universe will test you and send you obstacles to see how committed you really are. Bust through those obstacles with determination and drive. YOU are an inspiration for all!
    Love you!
    Keep Rockin’ it!

  2. lol, girl I am ashamed to admit just how unfit I’ve allowed myself to become. I’ve decided to simply forgive myself & begin again with a vigorous daily walk. Once I start walking, other healthy changes just seem to fall into place.

    Thanks for the reminder to step up my game here!

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