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One of my ongoing beauty missions is a relentless quest for moist, supple lips. Why you ask? Three reasons:

1) I HATE the feeling of dry lips—tight, flaky and yucky

2) Dry lips make you look and feel old and dried up

3) And last but not least, plump, hydrated, wet, pouty lips are sexy as hell and kissalicious!

With that said, I can now reveal (‘In No Particular Order’ for you DWTS fans), 7 of my Favorite Lip Quenchers du jour:

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15 ($24) This is the latest creation by those creative geniuses at Fresh, which is an enhanced upgrade of the cult fav Sugar Lip Treatment. It has the same nourishing oils, hydrating butters and a yummy bright citrus and sugar flavor, but this new version also has a delightful subtle rose tint that makes your lips look flushed and just bitten. I love the way this product feels going on my lips because it has the right amount of hydration and I love the lemon and sugar flavor. But I think I love this new and improved version even more, because of the pretty pink aluminum packaging and the addition of a reddish pink tint–it feels like a very girly lip treat!

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner ($30) I recently discovered this lovely lip conditioner packed with vitamin E and liked it instantly. I found it nicely moisturizing, healing because of the vitamin E, and slightly cooling with a hint of menthol. I really like the light texture and weight of this product and it has just the right amount of gloss. And I always like a hint of flavor in my gloss, and the minty quality in this lip conditioner is perfect and refreshing.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips ($24) This innovative collagen infused lightweight serum makes your lips look smoother, fuller, plump and youthful. I love how it penetrates into my lips quickly and noticeably reduces lip lines and wrinkles. It’s the perfect treatment to use at night because you wake-up in the morning with a rejuvenated pout.
La Mer – The Lip Balm ($60) This is one of my newest discoveries, which I am especially loving as a renewing night time treatment that totally gets rid of my dry flaky over-exposed summer time lips. I love the hint of mint and it feels luxurious, calming, and soothing all at the same time. This beautifully made balm has the same nutrient-rich broth that is found in La Mer’s cult favorite Creme de la Mer, along with a patented lipid complex and a unique mineral complex, which all work together to moisturize and protect your lips.
Eve Lom Kiss Mix ($22) This is the most medicinal, mentholly product in the bunch, but I love it! It’s a bit tackier than most, its wonderfully tingly, refreshing and feels like it is really healing my lips. It also contains zinc oxide which acts as a natural sunscreen. This is the type of product I would turn to in the winter months, when my lips are sore and dry and need lots of TLC and healing.

Dermalogica AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex ($27) This is the most unique lip product in this group because it has THE best and most innovative packaging and delivery system–you twist the barrel and it pushes out a rich, emollient, nourishing balm through seven little holes and onto your lips. This inspired dispenser drenches my lips with a luscious, moist anti-aging lip balm-type-serum that I just love, and it truly feels more like an anti-aging treatment rather than just a lip balm.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment ($8.99) is my new BFF! This must-have treatment instantly infuses your lips with intense conditioning and gives your lips a noticeably improved texture. This balm-meets-gloss instantly makes your lips look plump, soft and pretty and locks in hydration for 24 hours. And for under ten bucks, it’s a purse essential!








Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Iris Chayet says:

    Hey Romy,
    I am your number one fan and the queen of dry lips. I loved what you wrote and how you described each lip balm feeding the senses and imagination. Keep going girl.

  2. Loving the Totally Transforming Lip Primer from Senna Cosmetics. It’s brand new and I’ve never had anything like it. It does double duty hydrating and priming my lips for color. My lipsticks and glosses have never looked so brilliant before! I’ve been shopping Senna for years and this is one of their best products. You only need a little so the price-tag is great…only $26

  3. First use the Illusion Lip Liner to create the perfect lip silhouette and give a natural effect of fuller looking lips.

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