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I love being foot loose and fancy free during the summer time and adore wearing cute sandals and flip flops as much as possible. However, this constant exposure to heat can being drying and wreaks havoc on a girls feet, so I am always on the hunt for products that make my feet soft, hydrated, pretty and happy during the summer. Following is a list of my recent foot favorites, what are your secret feet treats??

Microplane Foot File OK this might seem weird and kinda gross, but you know those wonderful little Microplane Graters that you use in your kitchen? Well those geniuses at Microplane have taken that shaving technology which allows you to zest the skin off an orange and adapted it to the feet. In a similar (yet gentler) process for your feet, the Mircoplane Foot File gently and easily removes the dead skin off your feet without damaging your skin and it reveals the baby soft skin below. I am really digging this handy little tool and it is really effective in getting off that yucky dry skin, but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT be tempted to use the one in your kitchen on your feet because it is way too rough for your tootsies!

Liz Earle SuperBalmAfter I have sloughed off my dry skin, I turn to this wonderful little emergency skin salve by Liz Earle to nurture and heal the dry spots on my parched feet. This fab balm is made from pure plant oils and natural waxes plus shea butter and it gently softens and heals the dry skin on your heels and feet. It contains vitamin E and rosehip oil to help lock in moisture and neroli oil for its uplifting and restorative properties. It smells so yummy that I also love using it on my lips too!

derma E Intensive Therapy Foot Creme

After I use the balm on my dry spots, I turn to this refreshing therapeutic and nurturing foot cream  to help with circulation, swelling, dryness and overall relief for my tired achy feet. This foot creme is fortified with Pycnogenol, peach seed, ginkgo, yarrow, arnica, peppermint and menthol and I just love how it wakes up my feet and calms them down at the same time. This is one of those cremes you really feel working and my feet adore it!

Mama Mio Lucky Legs Cooling SerumThis is the icing on the cake after my foot therapy creme and it totally rejuvenates my legs and feet! This light moisturizing serum contains a blend of cooling and soothing essential plant oils to help relieve exhausted swollen legs in an instant. It leaves you with feather-light legs, increased circulation, and a nice little shimmer.

Zoya Sunshine Collection

Now that your feet are all pampered, smooth and hydrated, you need a gorgeous polish on your toes to pull it all together, right? I am totally loving this fun, summery eye catching collection from one of my favorite nail polish brands Zoya. Sunshine is a gorgeous collection of eye catching glowing golden shimmery metallics that beautifully sparkle and just feel like the summer sunshine. I am loving the sparkly green Apple in this collection, but all of the colors are really vibrant and fun! 

FlipOut Flip Flop Sandals

And last but not least, is a fabulous cute pair of shoes to show off your pampered pretty feet! I am totally in love with my newest summer flip flop discovery FlipOut Sandals. Basically, you pick out your favorite color flip flop (black, metallic copper, metallic silver and white) which comes with two sets of interchangeable shoe jewelry to snazz up your shoe. And you also have the option of buying additional super cute bling crystal jewels to customize your flip flop with your favorite charm. I just adore my FlipOut creation: Black Flip Flops bedazzled with a Dazzling White Daisy jewel on each flip flop, so flippin’ cute, don’t ya think?

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I have such ugly feet, so all this stuff would come in handy for me for sure. I’m addicted to flip flops, so I will be checking out that cute new find!

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Star Olive Oil dinner tomorrow night!

  2. Really like the cute sandals, pedicure’s are an easy “make me feel” good treat.

  3. I just had the best pedicure I’ve had in a long time from a little place in a mini-mall I had been avoiding. Now, it’s my new favorite place. Plus, I can’t wait to try some of the new products you talked about above. Keep up the research girlie!

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