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Rodan + Fields innovative new Total RF Serum helps you fight the visible signs of aging all with one ground-breaking serum

Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own

As a midlife woman and a life long skincare junkie, I am constantly looking for results-driven products that can transform my skin and help it look refreshed and youthful. I am referring to products that deliver noticeable results both instantly and over time and in all honesty after all these years, products like this are hard to come by. So when I dedicate an entire blog post to one product, you know that I must be really impressed by it!

Today, I am excited to introduce you to Rodan + Fields new ground-breaking multi-tasking Total RF Serum, one of the most exciting results-driven anti-aging face serums that I have tried in a long time. I have RAVED about Rodan + Fields many times before, however this new serum is probably the best product that I have ever tried from the brand. Let me tell you what makes this new serum so RAVE-worthy and what I am loving about it.

As we age, our skin cells tend to get tired and they lose the energy that they need to turnover which is essential for revitalizing our skin and helping our complexion look youthful. This is how Rodan + Fields Total RF Serum works, by helping energize millions of surface skin cells to unlock a path to stronger, healthier-looking, more resilient skin.

Total RF Serum is powered by R+F’s proprietary TriEnergy Complex, which is made up of Sandalwood, Indian Kino Extract and Omega 6 Fatty Acid (plant-based) which all work synergistically together to give your skin optimal anti-aging skin benefits. This innovative serum works to increase your skin’s ceramide levels, thus strengthening your skin’s barrier function which in turn helps it retain moisture and it gives you younger, plumper-looking skin.

Here’s a breakdown of the active ingredients in Total RF Serum and how they all work together in a superior way to transform your skin:

    • RF TriEnergy Complex: Rodan + Fields Proprietary technology that contains the following powerful ingredients:
      • Sandalwood: helps minimize the look of fine lines
      • Indian Kino Tree Extract: helps your skin look more even toned
      • Plant-Based Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids: specially modified to enhance penetration at the surface of your skin and serves as building blocks to create a more supple, plumper-looking complexion
    • Patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex: developed + patented in the US by Rodan + Fields’ scientists. Fortifies your skin and makes it more resilient and helps defend against environmental aggressors for even-looking skin
    • Ceramides: helps fortify your skin’s barrier and helps it retain moisture
    • Calcium: Helps with visible firmness to make your skin feel tighter and more resilient

In my opinion, what makes this serum so RAVE-worthy is Rodan + Fields Layered Technologies. The story behind this is that RF’s leading scientists scoured the globe to uncover groundbreaking technologies and ingredients that can deliver comprehensive, total anti-aging benefits when combined in just the right way to optimize their efficacy versus if each ingredient was used separately. These pioneering scientists evaluated over 40 formulas and utilized 400 panelists to create just the right combination, quality, and dose of ingredients into the right formula to maximize product performance. So needless to say, a lot of research and testing went into making this powerhouse new serum just right.

I also wanted to mention that I am a huge fan of the attractive and eco-friendly refillable packaging that R+F created for this new serum. Ninety percent of this package is made from recyclable materials* in order to help to limit waste and allow offer customers a nice savings. You just keep the outer glass base and then buy a serum refill every 2 months. Bravo!

I have been using Total RF Serum for about a month and I adore the lightweight, luxurious fast absorbing texture that instantly makes my skin look refreshed and luminous. After using this serum for about a month, my skin is noticeably smoother, my fine lines are softer, and my skin looks rejuvenated and youthful and dare I say it has noticeable glow!

Overtime. the amazing results that you can expect to see after using Total RF Serum include increased elasticity, visible improvement in firmness, plumpness, softened fine lines, a smoother skin texture, more even skin tone, increased radiance, more hydrated skin, softer and more supple skin, visibly reduced pores and more revitalized skin overall. Who doesn’t want that?!

As a 54-year-old woman with dry, fine-lined and slightly sagging skin, these are the skin qualities that I covet! I applaud R&F for putting so much research and innovation behind their new serum and I absolutely love that they created this exciting one-stop shop serum for all of my age-related skincare needs. You can learn more and buy one of these fabulous serums HERE

*By weight

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  1. Rodin and fields products are incredible! This serum is one of my favorites.

    1. I am amazed the the difference it continues to make on my skin

  2. Thena Franssen says:

    I love their products! I’ve been using them for years and my skin always looks so great!

  3. Hhhhmmmm….it’s good I have read a review of it here myself. I wouldn’t easily take anybody’s word for it. It kind of sounds too good to be true. Thanks for sharing about it.

  4. Very timely since I am planning to gift my sister a facial serum. Happy to know that it’s lightweight and effective. Thank you for sharing your honest review.

  5. I’ve heard so many great things about this brand. This is a really good review that you’ve written.

  6. i will definitely check this brand out. your skin looks amazing! i am grabbing one for myself! thank you for sharing this.

  7. emman damian says:

    Rodan + Fields innovative new Total RF Serum seems like a good product! Hope I can try it soon. I’ll also mention it to my best friend.

  8. Blair Villanueva says:

    Oh wow, this is awesome! I’m a skincare junkie as well, and I am happy to read reviews about skincare products. Definitely, I will try this Rodan serum. Very luxurious!

  9. Talya Stone says:

    This looks great! I’ve never tried a serum or any skincare that contains Omega 6 in it so I am definitely intrigued by this. So important to our skin everything it needs at this stage of our lives.

  10. I have been on the fence about whether to buy this or not. Thanks for the review. I will give it a go.

  11. Wow, you can achieve so many things with this serum such as smooth skin, softening fine lines. I will definitely check this out

  12. Gunel Ibadova says:

    The ingredients look healthy and beneficial. It would be better to use this kind of serums than unhealthy ones. The package also looks appealing.

  13. This article was really amazing and so helpful!

  14. Danni Torr says:

    Ive been looking for a new serum to try and it being eco-friendly to me is very important. Does this one have a thick or thin texture to it? It sounds amazing.

    1. The texture is just right! And it absorbs instantly

  15. When you reach a certain age, and you have been taking care of your skin, you may wind up having a real wake up call. Taking care of her skin from a young age all the way through the ages is so important.

  16. This sounds like an amazing product and one that I need to try. My skin is on the dry side and I love that this helps with locking in moisture and keeping it hydrated. Most importantly, I love that it helps the skin to have more radiance and firmness.


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