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I must confess, bikini waxes don’t particularly excite me. Even though I am a self-professed beauty junkie, bikini waxes rank low on beauty maintenance priorities, and not because they are mildly embarrassing and uncomfortable. Years ago I jumped on the laser hair removal band wagon, so my bikini line is more or less set for life (lucky me!) However, every once in a while (like quarterly) I like to wax my bikini area in order to smooth things out and get rid of the lighter hair that lasers tend to miss. TMI, I know 🙂

Anyhow, when one of my most fav PR gals, the adorbs Nicole, invited me to try out the waxing services at the newly opened Frilly Lilly in Santa Monica, CA, I said sure, thinking to myself that it’s just a wax, no big deal. Well, I am happy to tell you that getting your bikini waxed at Frilly Lilly is so much more than your typical wax, it’s a painless, professional, girlie waxing EXPERIENCE!

Frilly Lilly hails from Canada, where it has grown to be a successful boutique beauty brand since 2005. Frilly Lilly is a whimsical and feminine beauty boutique specializing in waxing and nail care services. As a nice added bonus, Frilly Lilly also makes their own signature bath and body care products (Sugar Lilly is divine) as well as inspired waxing aftercare products that they sell in their boutiques as well as a full range of jewelry and accessories.

Frilly Lilly Products 2

So let me tell you what makes Frilly Lilly so special and what sets it apart from your run of the mill bikini wax: First of all, right when you walk through the doors, you notice how cute, girlie, feminine, pink and fun the atmosphere is. Then you meet the personable staff who shows you this FAB Bikini Wax menu and you know that you are in for something different.

After you order, you are escorted to your private room to undress and to freshen up your nether region with hypo-allergenic wipes. This is brilliant! I have had countless waxes before and I have never been given wipes before a wax, and I loved it because it set the tone that someone here is thinking about how to make waxing a more enjoyable experience. As I was prepping for my wax, I noticed that Frilly Lilly has several before and aftercare waxing products to further enhance this service.

Frilly Lilly

My waxing technician was friendly, professional and polite. She started my wax by putting on PINK latex gloves (a nice noticeable added touch), then applied a pre-wax cleanser followed by a prepping oil to soften the hair and make the waxing more comfortable. Frilly Lilly uses hard wax, which is applied directly to the skin and is gently removed once it hardens, and it is MUCH less painful than soft wax removal with fabric strips. My technician expertly groomed my bikini area and gently removed all traces of unwanted hair. After my wax was done, she applied a calming cream to minimize any irritation.

I honestly think Frilly Lilly has perfected the art of bikini waxing and surprisingly taken it to a whole new level. My bikini wax at Frilly Lilly Santa Monica was minimally painful and actually the most pleasant and effortless bikini wax that I have ever had. I am actually looking forward to going back again soon. I highly rec Frilly Lilly’s waxing services, especially if you have been gun shy about waxing in the past, you will love this experience.

Disclosure: Frilly Lilly invited me in to their boutique to experience a bikini wax for editorial consideration. All opinions and well coiffed nether regions are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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