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The weather has been a little wacky here in LA, some days warm and toasty as a summer’s day and others gloomy and dipping into the low 40’s. So I am having a little seasonal confusion, and my remedy in preparation for warmer days and the arrival of Spring is turning to my body bronzing products that mimic a gorgeous summer glow and make me feel kinda sexy. Following are four amazing products that will help you get your glow on and make you feel like summer is just around the corner. Enjoy!

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 ($34)

As many of you know, one of my most adored beauty products is the original Miracle Skin Transformer for Face and now this innovative brand has come out with a high-performance skin transforming body treatment with SPF 20 and I LOVE it! This skin smoothing, flaw camouflaging body enhancer contains a naturally derived silicone base plus antioxidants and natural actives that zero in on your body’s skincare concerns and instantly make it look so much better. It also contains powerful moisture magnets such as jojoba oil, soy amino, and hyaluronic acids which relieve dry skin as well as marine ingredients from the French Polynesian islands to help enhance skin’s strength and resilience.

Why do I LOVE this product? It truly instantly transforms your skin from looking blah and blotchy, to warm, luminous and sexy (I use the Glow Enhancer)! It is incredibly lightweight and offers a barely detectable level of coverage. I especially love it on my legs because it gives my least fav body part a smooth and flawless look. And not only does it make your skin look amazing, but it has SPF 20 to boot! FAB!

Youngblood Mineral Illuminating Tint BODY ($37.50)

This is a hydrating, creamy, non-streaking body tint that leaves a gorgeous healthy sheen on arms, legs and décolleté. It also contains a blend of natural oils to pamper your body. YB’s bronze-kissed tint instantly gives your skin a lovely warm, sexy glow. This bronzer offers less camouflaging than MST, but it offers more of a warm all over lightweight body shimmer.

Why do I LOVE this product? It’s the perfect, hydrating all over body shimmer that makes your skin glisten rather than sparkle. And it’s that perfect rose gold color that goes well with my skin tone. I also think it’s the perfect product to transition you from season to season and keep that sexy warm glow alive

Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills ($40)

GLEAM Body Radiance was created by award winning makeup artist and ‘golden glow’ body finishing expert Melanie Mills. Melanie created Body Radiance out of necessity for her intensive makeup design on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. GLEAM creates a natural lit from within glow, it hides imperfections, fills wrinkles and enhances the texture of the skin. This amazing cream contains nourishing oils, antioxidants tea extracts, and a hydrating marine extract that stimulates synthesis of Hyaluronic acid and increases elasticity.

Why do I LOVE this product? Gleam is an amazing body finishing and perfecting shimmery foundation. It offers the most coverage and shimmer of all the body bronzing products that I have reviewed here and it delivers pop and a noticeable impact. I adore the Rose Gold shade (which was the original color used on DWTS) because it makes your skin a gorgeous warm rosy bronze, it hides flaws and it really enhances the look of your skin. I use this when I go to high profile events when I want my body to look FAB without having to self tan.

Aero Minerale Shimmer Hydrating Makeup Mist in Golden ($14.99)

You may recall my recent rave of Aero Minerale Makeup Mist Foundation, well this is another gorgeous addition to this brilliant line from Classified Cosmetics. This spray shimmer product is made with hydrating micro-minerals infused with aloe, moisturizing vitamins and botanicals that all work synergistically to give you a subtle golden glow with just the right amount of shimmer to highlight your skin.

Why do I LOVE this product? This is the perfect finishing touch product, the one that I use right before I walk out the door to give my skin a sweet sparkle and luminosity. I spray it directly on my collar bone and shoulders for the perfect body highlighting and I spray a little bit on a sponge to showcase my cheekbones and brow arch. It makes me feel kinda like a celeb and red carpet ready when I use this to top off one of the body bronzers I reviewed above.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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