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With Fall just around the corner, it is the time to put together your wardrobe for this exciting season. In order to look good, you must feel good. Not everyone understands the connection. If you are feeling good about what you are wearing, your confidence gets a much-needed boost. Your face shows what your mind knows – you look great. Of course, that kind of confidence takes some effort to achieve. Fashion is about your personal style. It comes from the heart. It doesn’t matter if you spend 10 minutes or half a day putting an outfit together, you should always look like you grabbed the first thing available. 

This Fall is full of men’s style made for women. With this in mind, take the classic black dress and add a little fall fashion chic to it. Black is the new black, as they say. It never goes out of style. With the temperatures dropping, black dresses are a practical choice for fashion apparel. You can dress up this staple item for work or a night on the town with a man’s cut jacket. Layering in the right way allows you to plan for the unpredictable climate that comes with the fall season. With the right combination, you can look good inside and out.

Pick classic black and add a jacket or purse with warm colors to create a season friendly style. The material and cut are not important. A blazer jacket screams fall whether it is tweed, leather or wool. It can be a waistcoat or double-breasted. To add to the look, pull on a pair of boots. For a traditional matching, pick boots that touch the bottom edge of a maxi-length skirt. For something more posh, try ankle high boots and dark tights. No matter how mix it, it should be warm, yet breathable. You can take the jacket off when inside or if the sun is warming up the day.

Dare to add a few accessories and pick the fall hairstyle that matches the fashion statement. If you are wearing a high-neck dress with an open jacket, brighten it up with a clunky necklace that makes a statement. For business attire, pull your hair back and add stylish earrings. To get them talking, clip a gold fob and fashionable pocket watch to your jacket and add matching earrings to create a signature look that everyone will envy. The best thing about going with the classic black dress and jacket is the mix and match appeal. One dress works with any jacket or use the same jacket with a pair of navy blue trousers and clever pumps. Both pieces are fashion choices for the practical, yet stylish fall women.

Apparel, shoes, accessories and your confidence are waiting for you. Stunning fall fashion and you, it is an unstoppable formula for an unstoppable season.

Anya Sarre is currently a stylist for Shoe Dazzle working alongside fashionistas like Kim Kardashian. She has regularly been featured in print magazines and on television shows like Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and the STYLE Network. She also recently became a mommy for the first time and want to spread her styling advice online, so that she can spend more time with her adorable son. Anya is passionate about sharing fashion advice with  women in order to show them that they are beautiful, confident, and strong no matter what age, size or life phase they are going through. 

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. out of all the celebrities, the most eye-catching style is Kim Kardashian

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