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ISG_Group ShotI recently discovered a fabulous, yummy smelling perfume and body product line from the creator of cult favorite CLEAN Perfume and it was love at first sniff. i smell great is a new and innovative perfume line that uses cutting edge scent renewing technology to extract scents from things that we love and then make them even better by giving them the ability to be reactivated six hours after application. This never-been-done-before fragrance technology allows you to enjoy your scent throughout the day and reactivate it by rubbing your skin, tousling your hair or licking your lips. Pretty impressive fragrance technology, don’t ya think?!

Our Promise

The i smell great line currently consists of the following five products: Eau de Parfum, Wellness Water Mist, Hair Fragrance, Soft Body Whip and Reactive Lush Lipgloss and they are all available in one of the following four delectable, addictive scents:

Angel Cake is made from the scents of pink icing, powdered sugar, and candied almond. To me, it smells like a fresh vanilla cupcake with homemade buttercream frosting, nom nom!

Beach Babe is made from the scents of tropical breezes, coconut cream, and golden suntan oil. If I close my eyes, these smells transport me back to my youth and those carefree days of frolicking on the beach in the waves with the sheen of suntan oil on my skin.

Candy Crush is made from the scents of candied flower petals, rose syrup, icing sugar, and candy hearts. This smells like Valentine’s Day in a bottle – flowers, candy and all kinds of sweetness.

Wild Honey is made from the scents of honey, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla, and sweet nectar. This fragrance is my FAV! I would describe this scent as sexy with hint of musk, vanilla and sweetness. This is totally a date night fragrance.

Besides the brilliant self renewing scent technology, another thing that I like about i smell great products is that they can easily be combined and layered to create personalized scents. And the site makes it fun & cheeky when you combine the scents, calling it ‘Create Great‘ and then renaming each new combo based on the scents you choose, like this

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.24.03 PM

I’ve really been having fun with this innovative new line and am particularly loving the parfum and hair fragrance (especially since I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week!) I also can’t get over the impressive fragrance reactivation hours later, it really works! OMG wait til you try it, you will be amazed.

So have I peaked your senses? Do you want to try your luck and win a set of these amazing products to try for yourself? Here are the details of this Holiday Fragrance Giveaway:

  • Prize: 3 Winners will each receive a set of 5 i smell great products in an assortment of scents. Each set will include: an Eau de Parfum, Wellness Water Mist, Hair Fragrance, Soft Body Whip and Reactive Lush Lip (valued at $188 each)
  • How to Enter: Please use the Gleam Widget below for your entries. You can enter daily through tweeting & posting a comment on this blog post
  •  Restrictions: Must be 18+, US resident
  •  Contest Dates: 12/3/14 to 12/17/14 at 11:59 pm PST

I Smell Great Giveaway
Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by i smell great, however all opinions and affinity for things that smell great are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I really like citrus scents, because they’re mood-lifters.

  2. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I love the unexpected scent of honeysuckle when I’m out walking. It reminds me of the wonderful University of Arizona campus.

  3. Erika Chilton says:

    My favorite holiday scent is gingerbread because I love the way it makes my house smell.

  4. karen hunter says:

    My favorite scent is Such A flirt by Victoria Secret, it just compliments me

  5. The smell of sawdust and teak oil reminds me of my grandfather in his workshop.

  6. I love the scent of vanilla – reminds me of my grandmother.

  7. Katherine Riley says:

    I love the smell of apple pie baking.

  8. My favorite scent is anything orange

  9. alicia szemon says:

    i have loved like any perfume from victorias secret. They come out with very sexy scents and i really like that(;

  10. Michelle Tucker says:

    My favorite scent is anything citrus. I just love the fresh smell of it. It also reminds me of my mother, who always had lemons around.

  11. Erika Chilton says:

    My favorite holiday scents are gingerbread, peppermint, sugar cookies & marshmallow because they remind me of making holiday goodies with my mom & sisters.

  12. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love the scent of Elemis products. They remind me of spa days on my cruise through Alaska!

  13. I love the smell of coffee because it reminds me of my mom and I like to drink coffee.

  14. Karen Glatt says:

    Another favorite fragrance is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.

  15. D.Johnson says:

    Would love to win this.

  16. Karen Glatt says:

    I love trying out new restaurants and one that I love for Breakfast in my town is Frank’s Diner! They make the best coffee and breakfast foods I have ever eaten!

  17. Austin Baroudi says:

    I love the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio fragrance!

  18. Erika Chilton says:

    My favorite holiday scents are gingerbread, peppermint, sugar cookies & marshmallow because they remind me of happy times with my family & my mom making all kinds of holiday cookies.

  19. Kelly Commerford says:

    Iced Pineapple…Juicy Citrus, and Ginger Ale. They’re unique, memorable, and fresh!

  20. Karen Glatt says:

    Some of the scents that I love during the Holiday season Brown sugar and cinnamon and Sugar cookies baking! It fills the whole house with such wonderful Holiday scents.

  21. Erika Chilton says:

    I love gingerbread scents during the holidays & peppermint. Always brings back wonderful childhood memories/

  22. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love the smell of true Frangipani. Reminds me of vacation in Bali.

  23. Vanilla is my favorite

  24. Karen Glatt says:

    I also love Taylor Swift Perfume called Wonderstruck!

  25. Kim Henrichs says:

    The smell of sea salt and ocean…In whatever form always makes me happy.

  26. Karen Glatt says:

    I love White Diamonds from Elizabeth Taylor!

  27. Ohhh my favorite food would be Asian, I went to Asia and ate the real stuff it’s magnificent!

  28. I really enjoy Heavenly but the Glow by Jlo is tropical and floral I like that!

  29. Lael de Jesus says:

    i would love to try the lip rush!!

  30. i love the smell of lattes

  31. Karen Glatt says:

    I love making my own homemade Lattes! I got a machine that makes my coffee taste very good!

  32. Erika Chilton says:

    My favorite scents are anything sweet, like cotton candy or marshmallow scents.

  33. I really like the perfume called White Diamonds I have a oil that has that scent and it’s so sweet and clean smelling !! Love it also!

  34. Kim Henrichs says:

    I will always love Chanel No.5 because it’s the one perfume my mom and I could agree on and she gave me a bottle for Christmas every year when she was alive. It was always really special.

  35. Barbara Adams says:

    Always a sucker for clean scents, nothing sweet or cloying.

  36. Dana Truitt says:

    I also love a perfume called Exclamation, it’s really sweet, and well priced!

  37. Karen Glatt says:

    Another scent I like is the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck scent because the scent is not overwhelming.

  38. I love sweet cookie/cake scents and fruity scents! Peach scents, in particular, also remind me of my Mom because she used to wear peach products for bath and body works!

  39. Kim Henrichs says:

    A favorite scent of mine is Bobbi Brown’s “Beach” – especially in the winter when I deal with seasonal depression it really puts my mind in a happy place!

  40. My favorite fragrance is Chloe because I like the way it smells on me.

  41. Karen Glatt says:

    I like making homemade Lattes at home becuase they are cheaper!

  42. Dana Truitt says:

    I really like Ck One it’s an old scent but I still love ti!!

  43. Karen Glatt says:

    I also love to eat out at the Olive Garden because they always have specials!

  44. Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite scent is a perfume from Mexico called Coco Coco form a perfumerie called Coqui-Coqui. It just totally captures the scent of the beach and when I smell it i am taken back to vacation mode.

  45. Jacquelyn Neuffer says:

    My favorite scent is orange blossom with vanilla.

  46. Karen Glatt says:

    One of my favorite places to eat is at Taco Bell! I love the tacos!

  47. Dana Truitt says:

    I love Heavenly by Vistoria Secret because it hasd clean floral scent

  48. I have a lot of favorite scents, it’s hard to choose just one. Anything fruity is good to me. I love amaretto too.

  49. Austin Baroudi says:

    I love the smell of coffee because it’s my favorite thing to drink!

  50. Dana Truitt says:

    Vistoria’s Secret has new perfume that I absilutely lOVE called Scandelous!!!

  51. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    My favorite fragrances are Sensual Amber and Vanilla Bean Noel which are both Bath and Body works body sprays. I can respray throughout the day but I never smell it on myself and others do. When I smell perfume on myself I get a headache. The vanilla bean Noel is seasonal but the only vanilla that doesn’t have musk in it which I can’t take. I can’t wait to try these products. They sound wonderful.

  52. Karen Glatt says:

    My favorite fragrance is Chanel no.5. It is a classic, has been around for years and does not have an overwhelming odor! I got some last Chrismtmas and I like that I do not have to put very much on and the scent lasts a long time!

  53. I love the Pacifica brand scents. Blood Orange and Indian Coconut Nectar are two of my favorites. The roll ons are super handy for an all day refreshment.

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