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One of the biggests trends these days is all things green and eco-friendly and I must admit, this is a trend I am especially loving. Almost every company is jumping on this important movement and coming up with their version of green beauty and other lifestyle products. And while years ago these products were more rustic, unrefined and aesthetically unappealing, now the products are much higher quality and fashion forward. 

June FifteenI am excited to share with you my latest discovery in the world of all things green (which is my favorite color BTW): Allow me to introduce you to June Fifteen a delightful artisanal line of eco-chic reusable shopping bags that allow you to be green without skimping on style-love that! These contemporary fashionable bags are made out of renewable jute, rattan cane and 100% cotton and have wonderful features like pockets, moveable separators, wine bottle compartments, dual handle styles, waterproof linings, reinforced seams and best of all affordably priced ($6.99-$15.99).

I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful founder of June Fifteen, Sandrine who is eco-minded, has a keen sense of fashion and was convinced that she could come up with a stylish version of a reusable bag. Sadrine said, “I created the June Fifteen collection to feature desgins with a haute couture feel without the high price point.” And I think she did a beautiful job accomplishing that. I love the design and colors of the Palette Bag (pictured above) which I describe as modern with a zen Asian whimsical feel. I like it as a purse for a casual outing or to carry paperwork, but I especially like it as a picnic bag because it is designed to hold two bottles of wine and all the yummy eats that go along with it.

There are many other fun fashion forward bags in the line like the Twinkle Wine Gift Bag (love this one too!) and the Sweet Bag which is perfect for carrying all the necessities for your little ones. I think this is a really cool looking, affordable and conscious gift choice for the holiday season which you can enhance by filling it up with goodies too. This is one of those gifts you can feel good about giving and not break the bank. You can buy your June Fifteen Resusable Bags HERE. Enjoy and remember, it is easy to be green 🙂

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Right up my tree LOL – LOVE the bag and your gift ideas!

  2. I always love a great “green” bag- I’ve found tons on, though nothing is quite as economical as your suggestion, thanks Romy!

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