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Detox DuoMD Skincare has added a natural beauty collection of products to its line called Beauty In Toxins Out–love that! They have created a lovely introduction to this line called the Detox Duo ($55 US) which combines the Antioxidant Enzyme Buff with their Purifying Bath Crystals, this is a potent dynamic duo and the perfect gift for your beauty maven friends.


The Beauty In: Toxins Out Natural Beauty Collection is an inspired approach in body treatment because it is designed to reverse the damage our skin suffers due to environmental pollutants. It combines high concentrations of botanical extracts, essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with a proprietary blend of detoxifying chelators to essentially accomplish what I call anti-aging for the body.


The Purifying Bath Crystals have botanical extracts and minerals to help remove toxins, relieve tension and heal irritation. I like using this soak as one of those more potent active baths when you are feeling under the weather, have sore muscles or are just in more of a detox kind of mood. This is made with Himalayan bath salts which have a lot of healing properties and not only do they smell healing, you feel like it is doing something too.


I love the Antioxidant Enzyme Buff because I can feel it working. Not only does it physically scrub your skin, but the enzymes also remove dead skin cells and toxins. I truly feel like this is an anti-aging treatment for the body! I also like the herbal, healing smell and after I scrub with it my skin is smooth, moist and supple.


This is a well-priced dynamic duo sure to please the most discerning beauty aficionados or even you–Happy Detoxing!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I’ve been looking for something like this. Looks like I might just have to give it a whirl!

    In response to NYC hot spots/restaurants-sadly I wish I knew. I am a Northern New Yorker. They should seriously just make upstate and downstate two different entities-they’re that different! If you’re ever in the Albany area, let me know and I can def. dish about whats hot and whats not in the area!

    Happy Holidays!

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