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iS Clinical Youth Serum

Truth be told, some mornings I wake up looking frightening and it is not a pretty picture! I am a total night owl, feel my most productive at night and many nights I stay up way too late and often don’t get enough beauty rest. Sound familiar? If you relate to this scenario, then you are gonna be as excited as I was to discover my new AM BFF: iS Clinical Youth Serum

This transformative serum is like spanx for your face! When you wake up with puffy eyes and tired haggard looking skin, a few drops of this wonder serum will turn your tired, old parched looking skin from drab to fab. Take this morning for example: I woke looking old and weathered, so I took a few drops of Youth Serum, emulsified it in my hands, applied it to my entire face including the eye area and viola, my face instantly perked up! It looked fresher, smoother and younger – and because I have dry skin I put some moisturizer on top to make my skin more supple. This is why I love being a beauty blogger so much, one product can instantly change your life (or at least make you look & feel better 🙂 )!

So what’s the secret behind iS Clinical Youth Serum ($150)? This serum contains growth factors that help visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles; patented enzymes which help protect the fragile protein in your skin; a powerful blend of easily absorbed vitamins and a combination of powerful antioxidants that provide UV protection and prevention of environmental damage. These active anti-aging ingredients work synergistically together to instantly smooth and tighten your skin as well as to diminish your wrinkles over time. The result is a more youthful, vibrant, radiant and resilient complexion.

iS Clin Youth Serum After

As you can tell, I am seriously loving this results-oriented serum because it delivers both short term and long term results and I can actually see and feel a difference! This serum is also an excellent way to prep your skin before applying makeup – no wonder it’s a makeup artist’s must have! No matter how you use it, in the morning to wake up sluggish skin or before you apply you makeup, this is definitely a new must have for me, how about you?

Disclosure: iS Clinical sent me a bottle of their Youth Serum for editorial consideration, however all opinions and perky skin are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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